Anyone experienced this? Craved a food you once hated, now you love it!

Yak butter tea. Man, that stuff was gnarly and then one day it tasted good. Now, if I get a whiff (which is rare) it just make me start to salivate.

Tons of veggies I hated as a kid. Later learned to love em.

Yep. About ten years ago I had my guts rearranged, and almost immediately I started craving two things that I previously wouldn’t eat on a dare—cole slaw, and deviled eggs. For about a year there, I ate deviled eggs nearly every day.

Beer. Sauerkraut. Broccoli. Chevre. Rye bread. Well, strike the last one, I’m gluten-intolerant, but boy do I crave a pastrami on rye on a regular basis. I miss beer too for the same reason.

Thai food…until I went to Thailand.

As a kid, I hated pizza, horseradish, broccoli, and anything related to cabbage.

Pizza was the first to go, and that happened before I was a teenager. I still remember the day the switch in my head went off, and I became a broccoli fan. My aversion to cabbage as it turned out was really a severe dislike of cream-style cole slaw, which I still despise. Sweet and sour cole slaw, as well as various types of cooked cabbage are Teh Nom.

As far as horseradish is concerned, I grow it in my garden now.

I still hate olives! I like their oiliness and texture, but there’s something about the salt level… they’re too bitter. I’d like to like them one day, though.

Orange juice. I hated orange juice as a kid, but one day in high school I bought a bottle and next thing I knew I was drinking so much of it every day that I developed canker sores in my mouth and my mom told me I had to cut back on the Vitamin C.

Tomatoes. Never ate raw tomatoes as a kid, picked them out of sandwiches, which saved my bacon on at least one occasion*. Then, one day, while visiting friends in SUNY Geneseo, I believe… I began to crave a tuna salad sandwich with lettuce AND tomato. And I had one. And I liked it.
*Disassembling a burger is generally a good idea when the chef manages to trap a bee between the lettuce and tomato.

I always hated the stuff although I liked pork cooked in sauerkraut after I carefully picked off every tiny piece of kraut.
Sauerkraut itself would make me gag.

Then one day I had a craving for it and I liked it. I don’t like it in big doses but I do like it.

For all you new green olive lovers try stuffing them with crumbled blue cheese. It’s awesome.

I’m another for sauerkraut. Sort of. I had it forced on me as a kid and never liked it and then a couple of years agoI had a reuban sandwhich not really knowing what was in it and now it’s one of my top three favorites sandwhichs along with grilled cheese and pb&j. I still haven’t tried it by itself yet and don’t really have a desire to but I’ll take a reuban any day.

Sign me up for your olive newsletter. I used to actively preach their nastiness.

Then, one day I was in a store that had one of those fancy salad-type bars with lots of different olives. I knew immediately, before purchasing, before eating, that I now loved them. It was a very strange experience.

Add me to the olive crowd. HATED olives. Then one New Year’s Eve, I was sitting around playiong board games with solme friends; there was an assortment of snack food sitting around, including a jar of olives.

I felt like they were whispering to me.

I tried one, fully expecting to hate it… and I couldn’t get enough of them! Weird.

I still dislike green olives, but adore the black ones.

I had an aversion to a lot of foods due to their texture when I was a kid. Once I learned to get past the texture issue, I quickly learned to love mushrooms, black olives, beans, any many veggies.

The reverse. I tried them at a salad bar and hated them for years. Until for some reason I got a craving and got sliced pickled beets from the store (in the glass jars) - stuck those puppies in the fridge, and when I opened them and ate them ice cold, Wow - totally different experience. YUM.

Brussels sprouts. Hated them with a passion. Then smelled a batch of pan-roasted ones, in olive oil and garlic. Had to have one. Love them now.

I have the palate of a 5-year-old. Will eat meat & fruit, and enjoy cheese, but the only veggies I’ll touch are potatoes, and occasionally corn. Maybe there’s still hope for me?

Hope so! How old are you?

I despised 98% of vegetables until I was in my early 20’s. Now I can make a meal out of many of them.

This happened to me with mushrooms while reading Tom Robbins’* Another Roadside Attraction* about 20 years ago. Have loved them ever since.

Does it count when it was a “I only had low quality stuff before” experience? I hated the olives one got in the eighties in Germany. Now there are many different types available and generally of much higher quality, and the most kinds i really like, especially the big, purple buttery ones.
Just not the small, green, bitter aned overly salted dirt cheap ones. Alas, they are the sort most pizza places put in their pasta dishes and salads.

I didn’t used to like the taste of bananas at all, but I forced myself to eat one every day, as I’ve heard they are good for high blood pressure because of the potassium. I wouldn’t say I like the taste of bananas now, but they are tolerable, especially if I sprinkle something on them. Next time I travel, I plan to buy a lot of them on my trip, as they would be something great for eating on a trip.