Foods and beverages you didn't used to like but now do

The thread for people who hate coffee got me thinking about how I used to hate the smell of coffee. Then one day when I was around 20, I suddenly noticed that I had started to like the smell of coffee so I decided to try some. I liked it and have been an avid coffee drinker ever since. In fact, the wallpaper on my computer is currently a picture of coffee beans.

I used to not like tomatoes and pickles. Then at different times, I forgot to remove each of them from a burger I was eating and realized that I liked them. As I’ve gotten older, I find my self reevaluating what foods I like and don’t like. What are some foods you used to hate but now like?

I used to really dislike raw onions as a kid- they were spicy and intense. As I got older, I just didn’t like the flavor all that much. Eventually though, I’ve come to appreciate them on some dishes- in particular tacos, hamburgers and sandwiches. I’m not likely to just eat a chunk of raw onion like my grandfather did, but I will ask for them on sub sandwiches or hamburgers now.

Still not terribly fond of raw tomatoes or sweet potatoes though. At best I tolerate sweet potatoes in things, and I will still pick raw tomatoes off/out of dishes.

I used to hate cabbage and hot & spicy stuff. Then* I was introduced to egg rolls and Chinese mustard.

  • Full disclosure: I’m talking about 1989 or so here, so “used to” really is “used to.”

I’m glad you liked my thread! :slight_smile:

I can only think of foods that I used to like but now hate - red, yellow and green peppers, and cilantro.

I can honestly say that there is no food out there that I used to hate but now like. I’ve even tried durian which I absolutely love the taste of but hate the smell, and spinach, in a salad or cooked, I love it. I also love chicken feet. Go figure.

I used to avoid pepperoni on pizza as a kid, assuming it was too spicy for me. By my late teens I made my peace with pepperoni and for the most part it’s not too spicy.

Now I’m 40 and pepperoni is too hard on my stomach so I’m back to cheese pizza again. Groan.

I never liked steak or coffee growing up. Turns out my parents always overcooked my steak and bought bad coffee. Didn’t like Ethiopian food or sushi until the 3rd or 4th time I tried them.

Harvard beets, I’m still not a fan but they’re ok

Similarly I thought I hated fish growing up - turns out my mother just didn’t know how to cook fish

Lamb. My mom used to use ground lamb to make lamb patties. Must have been cheaper than beef. I hated it. Hated the smell of it.

Now, I do love a good bloody lamp chop.

Oh yeah same for me with steak. My dad likes everything dry and overcooked. It wasn’t until college that I realized meat could be pretty good.

For the longest time too I thought liver was steak. Mom served liver to us when we were super broke and told us it was steak. I was in middle school when I realized steak was something else (but still tough burnt shoe leather at that point).


Mayonnaise. As a kid I used to refuse to eat anything with mayo on it, except for tuna salad. Now I’ve come to like mayo on sandwiches and burgers and such. And I still like it in tuna salad and potato salad. Although I also realized a few years ago that my mom usually buys Miracle Whip. So it might be that I didn’t like Miracle Whip (I still don’t) but thought I didn’t like mayonnaise because I didn’t know there was a difference.

Raw onion for me as well. I still don’t like a lot of onion in things, but I can appreciate a a little raw onion in something like a Greek salad, and I’ve started adding a bit of chopped red onion to my tuna salad. And I don’t mind it on a burger if it’s just a thin slice, although I still prefer grilled onions on my burgers if it’s an option.

I’ve heard that your taste buds are more sensitive when you’re a kid, so bitter flavors are more noticeable and strong flavors like onion taste even stronger. Which probably explains why kids don’t like things like coffee, broccoli, beer, raw onions, etc, and adults do.

Tomato in non-sauce forms.

Still would rather not have it as a topping on a burger or non-club sandwich, but most places where it’s mixed into a cooked food, or in salads (or club sandwiches), I’m good with it.

White sauces (other than mayo and Miracle Whip)…I’m…not sure why, but they always creeped me out.

Vegetable soup is one that I loved at one point, then, after attempting to eat it with heat stroke, and thus very, very ill, I couldn’t even look at it for a long time. Now I quite enjoy it again.

Beer! Couldn’t even stand the smell of the stuff when I was a teen and didn’t try any until my thirties.

The smell of steamed shrimp would make me physically ill as a child. Now? You’d best clear the way to the buffet table.

^ This, for me. Also greens. Mom just didn’t cook them the way I liked them.

But for something that I genuinely did not like in the past but now do like: sweet potatoes. I absolutely loathed them as a kid. Now I eat them all the time. Not sure when the switch got flipped, but it did.

I am still a picky eater (and a vegetarian for almost 25 years), but as a child I almost ate nothing when I think back. The three big ones were onions, cheese or mushrooms in any form. Now I can’t imagine surviving without those three.

My family were not adventurous eaters. It wasn’t until I moved to the east coast for college that I realized garlic came in heads.

I visited my sisters back in Cleveland last summer and brought Brooklyn bagels and nova salmon. They enjoyed the bagels, but the smoked fish confused them. One of them said she had been served Korean food at a party, which she picked at and then stopped with her friend for hamburgers on the way home.

SO fucking glad I got out of there.

As for stuff I like now that I didn’t…I really can’t think of any. I had an open-minded palate even as a kid, limited only by what my mother would serve.

I loathed olives as a kid, but every year or so I’d try one just to be sure they were as horrifyingly nasty as I’d remembered.

When I was fifteen, I tried one, and closed my eyes in overpowered delight. Holy crap, these were GOOD!

I’ve never looked back.

I despised brussels sprouts until about 15 years ago. Now I’ve come to love them, when prepared properly (oven roasted with olive oil and garlic is one lovely way of doing so).

Eggplant was nasty until it turned delicious, too.