Anyone familiar with an old retail chain called ''Edward's''?

At least I assume it was a chain. I don’t recall how “big” the inventory was. It might have been a “small” retailer, like Woolworth, or it might have carried larger stuff, like K-Mart.

There was one near my family’s home, until the early 80s, when another retailer moved into the old Edward’s location. I was wondering whether the company had gone out of business, or was just bought up by some other retailer. Again, I’m assuming it was a chain.

Any ideas???
BTW, the retailer that moved into the old Edward’s location two decades ago was the first of its kind in our area–the first Wal-Mart.

Yep, we had an Edwards in Savannah in the late 70’s. It later became a Big K Edwards and then went out of business. The location was later taken over by the first Walmart in town.

I Googled “Big K Edwards” and found this legal document.

There were E.W. Edwards & Sons department stores in the central New York area [Syracuse and Rochester] sometime from the (pre-?) Depression era until sometime around the late 60s/early 70s. Middle-class retailer (somewhat like Sibley’s & Dey Brothers), higher than Sears, lower than Saks.

Dunno if they may have anything in common with your query other than a common name.

There used to be quite a few Edwards grocery stores around here (NJ); they bought out a lot of the Foodtowns. Now most or all of them are Stop and Shops. Still grocery stores, though.

There was an Edwards “Five and Ten” on Bay Street in Beaufort, SC when I grew up there, closed and the area turned into a small shopping area with many stores. Before 1974 through 1980, maybe.