Anyone familiar with the Horrorpops?

I called my favorite college radio station, just for the hell of it, and seem to have won two tickets for a concert tonight. The headliner is the Horrorpops, a European psychobilly band with male and female members. They seem to be combining traditional punk and goth looks, so I assume their sound will be a bit of that Tiger Army-style punk-meets-rockabilly-with a generous helping of schlock horror movie imagery. Does anyone know or like this band? Am I an idiot for considering NOT going?

Well, if they’re not great it will at least be a great story…after all, they’re free tickets. If it turns out they’re great, you could be part of rock history in the making.

I frankly think they kinda suck… all style and no substance. But, on the other hand I think they will probably become quite popular. They will do for Psychobilly what No Doubt did for “punk”.

Well, I didn’t make it after all. Too tired after work, and too hungry. So I made chili, watched Arrested Development, and relaxed instead. I feel kinda bad, but it was only a $10 ticket, and with any luck I’m going to see the Decemberists on Wednesday night.

They are awesome live. Enjoy the show.

No, but I’m familiar with the Otter Pops.