Anyone familiar with Warwick, NY?

Specifically, The Breezy Point Inn at Greenwood Lake? Their year-round $75/night rate seems amazingly low, and I’m just wondering if there’s a reason why…

My grandfather lives in an assisted living facility in Warwick, and I keep thinking that I should get up there and visit him some weekend. Staying with family in the area is not an option (for various ‘family drama’ reasons), but I’m not exactly Scrooge McDuck and I can’t seem to find much affordable lodging up that way. The website for the Village of Greenwood Lake has links to a handful of places to stay, and Breezy Point looks nice enough and is almost half the price of the others. Anyone know anything about it, or --if I’m very lucky-- ever stayed there?

Likewise, suggestions for affordable places to stay in the Warwick area that I might not be able to learn about online would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

I’ve never stayed at Breezy Point, but I’ve eaten at the restaurant there lots of times. It’s not a terribly fancy place; it’s biggest selling point is that it’s right on the lake, so you can have a nice view while eating outside. In the summer they also have live music that gets pretty loud, which may help to explain why the rooms cost so much less. :wink:

The Warwick Motel is nothing fancy either, but it’s right in the village on Route 17A (ph: 888-8-WARWICK, or 845-986-4822). There are a number of B&B’s, but I imagine they’re not so cheap. Outside of Warwick and Greenwood Lake, you’re generally looking north toward Harriman (American Budget Hotels, off Route 17 near exit 131, ph: 845-783-3211) or The Inn at Chester (1125 Route 17M, ph: 845-469-3700). We had some work-related guests stay at both the Warwick Motel and The Inn at Chester, and they greatly preferred Chester. Do you have any preferences regarding convenience, facilities, etc.?

I have not had family stay there. I do live very very close to this area, and by email I will be glad to give you more details on what you can do, places to visit and things to avoid fastidiously. Greenwood Lake is part lovely, part a bit dowdy in terms of dining and hanging out. I will ask around regarding this hotel.

You do NOT want to stay at either the American Budget Motel off Rt. 17, OR the Harriman Motor Lodge. ( Just a few minutes down from the American, on the same roadway.) Both are unspeakably filthy and unsafe.

OTOH, I have housed my parents at The Inn at Chester. It is new, it is clean, it is nice, it is secluded. It is also much closer to the road out to Warwick. You are not far from dining in Sugarloaf, which is just down King’s Highway about 5 min.

It’s very close to King’s Highway, which is a way to get out to Warwick in about 15-20 minutes along an incredibly lovely country road. ( King’s Highway ), then a jog over for 200 yards, then another pretty country road ( Rt. 94 ) into Warwick. I made the drive in under 9 minutes once, but that was driving an ambulance with an incredibly sick boy in the back at high speeds. Doing normal pace, it’s a nice easy ride out.

I was in Warwick a few days ago, bought my peaches at Penning’s Orchard right there in town, just past the turn for the drive-in movie.

I highly suspect that I’ve stood behind sunfish at the supermarket. :smiley:


I know you’re not Scrooge McDuck…heh. But, give these places a glance. Off-Season you might do well. Don’t know a thing about 'em, but there are a lot of 'em in Greenwood Lake and Warwick.

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Thanks, sunfish! I wouldn’t be going any earlier than this fall – I’m thinking October – so hopefully there won’t be too much of a ruckus at that time of year. (I like a good live band, but the emphasis is on “good.” :wink: )

You’re right about the B&Bs: I’ve found several online lists of B&Bs in that area, and almost every place is in the $110-and-up range. I can’t afford to spend almost $300 (or more) just on lodging for a weekend visit.

I don’t have any preference about amenities: if the room is clean and dry, the heat or AC works correctly, and the location is safe and quiet enough at night, I’m happy. I’d most likely drive up on a Friday and check out on Sunday, so I can put up with almost anything for just two nights. :wink:

I love the idea of being right on the water, so if the Breezy Point is simply Greenwood Lake’s equivalent of a Motel 6 it should be fine by me. I just want to make sure the low price doesn’t come with motorboats arriving at all hours (hopefully not an issue in the fall), questionable linens, etc. Sounds like you enjoy the restaurant part just fine, so that is a very good sign (to me, anyway)!

Regarding location: I’ll be driving up from Virginia ( :eek: ), so I’d prefer not to go any farther north of Warwick than necessary. I’ve spent a lot of time about 10 minutes south of Warwick, just over the state line, but I don’t know anything about Warwick itself or what’s around it. My grandfather has mentioned Greenwood Lake, which is how I even know about that village.

MapQuest says that Chester is about 10 miles from Warwick…does that sound about right to you? That might not be too far out of the way. I’ll have to call the Inn and check their rates. MapQuest also says that Harriman is almost 20 miles away, which I think is too far. Do you remember any of the reasons why people preferred Chester to the Warwick Motel?

Warwick’s a nice community. It’s become a major bedroom community to NYC so the place has become hopelessly overpriced to actually live in but it’s a good place to visit.

I don’t know about the Harriman Motor Lodge but I can definitely concur with the American Budget Motel. I made the mistake of staying there for one night when I first relocated to this area because it was the cheapest in the area. A real rathole.

D’oh! I didn’t look for new messages when I previewed, even though I took my damn time composing my post. :smack: Thanks to you, too, Cartooniverse (and now Little Nemo)! :slight_smile:

It sounds like a great area, but I’m not interested in sightseeing, shopping, fine dining, etc. I will most likely drive up on a Friday, spend Saturday with my grandfather, and drive back home on Sunday. I’ll be by myself, so taking Grandpa out to lunch/dinner on Saturday will be the extent of my social activities…a cousin told me that there’s a decent Italian place near his assisted living facility, so that’s probably where he’ll want to go. Which will take care of that. :wink: And if Grandpa tires out easily, I’ll probably kill the rest of the day visiting family (if you ever go to the farmer’s market in Warwick, you may have walked past my aunt!).

Basically, I’m just looking for a place to sleep for two nights that is decent, as close to Warwick as possible, and not as expensive as the B&Bs…and yes, I’ll look into the possibility of off-season rates. :wink:

Since the gentlemen have spoken re the hotel situation in Harriman (plus it IS a bit far), cross those options off your list if you haven’t already. :smiley:

The MapQuest distances in this area can be misleading if you’re not plugging in actual addresses. The reason is that you have the Town of Warwick and the Village of Warwick; the town encompasses the village of the same name plus some other areas that aren’t necessarily incorporated. If you just type in “Warwick,” you may be getting distances from the center of the town, not the village.

Now then… using the farmer’s market in Warwick village as a reference point (and maybe I have seen your aunt!), the Warwick Motel is definitely the closest - just a minute or two by car (take the road running along the market area south to the next signal light, hang a left, and drive about 500 feet; the motel is on your right, across from the school). The Inn at Chester is further, true, but not by very much, as Cartooniverse described, and it would be a pretty drive if the fall foliage is in. In fact, if your grandfather happens to be anywhere near St. Anthony’s, King’s Highway starts right about there (from St. Anthony’s, go to the Mobil station, hang a left and you’re on King’s Highway). Greenwood Lake would sort of be going out of your way, by comparison, since you will be driving back through the village and across Mount Peter. And quite honestly, the definition of a “good live band” can be so subjective, don’t you think? :wink:

As I recall, the folks who stayed at the Warwick Motel and The Inn at Chester liked Chester better because the rooms were brighter and more spacious - not a surprise, since it’s a newer place. Plus I think there was some little vocal exchange with a staff member at Warwick, but that isn’t a surprise either given the people involved. :stuck_out_tongue: If you really want to keep driving to a minimum after you arrive, then the Warwick Motel should be okay for you.

A word of advice - if you do plan to come up in October, pick a weekend now and make the reservation. There are a surprising number of fall foliage and orchard visitors that come through the area, and you may find yourself out of luck in getting a room if you wait too long. Be especially wary of the weekend of Applefest (this year on Sun. Oct. 3) - the village gets absolutely choked with traffic and people, and it’s a pain to get around if you’re trying to accomplish anything other than enjoying the fest.

Gosh what a small world. I haven’t been into Pennings in a long time, but I have made regular runs to the ShopRites in both Warwick and Chester. So, that was you behind me with the cart full of turkeys, beer and prophylactics? :eek: :smiley:

Heck yeah. The frozen turkeys keep the beer cold till I can get it home and drop it into the 'ole icehouse behind the feed pile. The prophylactics, heck they’re just on the cart to give the impression I’m having a grand old time.

I’ll be at the Chester Shop Rite in 30 minutes to buy 20 lbs of sugar, butter and cinnamon for the spiced peach jam. You see me toddling around with those items, you give me a nudge and let me know I’ve been Sunfished.


Real men shop the Miracle Mile in Middletown.

-cackle- Now, now. The Miracle Mile in Middletown has become a torn-down, re-built shadow of its former self. Besides, where on the Miracle Mile am I gonna find fresh picked peaches ??? Maybe way out 211 towards Montgomery or somesuch at a produce stand.

I’m a real man. I swear it !!

Thanks again, everyone…especially for the advice about Applefest. :slight_smile: I’ll definitely skip that first weekend in October. I don’t want to wait until November (increased chances of snow and generally yucky weather), but I’m thinking mid-to-late October should work well.

The more I think about it, the more I think the Breezy Point may not be for me: everything I’ve found about it online points to it being a real party place, with the emphasis on the restaurant, bar, and music (live music every weekend until mid-November), which would be fine if I were vacationing with friends but not if I’m just looking for a quiet place to crash for a weekend. Sounds like a place I would have loved in college, though. :wink:

It turns out that I might be able to afford slightly more expensive accomodations that I originally thought, so I’ll keep looking into the other places I’ve found websites for and the places that have been mentioned here. When my grandfather mentioned Greenwood Lake I got the impression he’d like to see/go to it, and I love the idea of being near water, so that’s how I got the idea of staying somewhere at the lake. But as long as I wind up somewhere near him, I’ll be happy.