Anyone following the Wagon Teamster's Travels?

I saw a cnn report on Bob Skelding last winter. He retired, sold his property, and hit the road with a homemade wagon and a team of horses. I’ve been hooked on his blog for almost a year. He got hit by a semi truck in Mississippi last February. Somehow, he survived the crash and he’s back on the road with a new wagon and horses.

Deep down I sort of envy this guy. I wouldn’t mind a year or two on the road. I’m not sure I’d spend the rest of my life doing it. He’s got that wagon tricked out with a generator, septic system and heat.

Bob went through Central NY a couple years ago, got a big writeup in the paper and a section on local news. That crash he was in was absolutely horrifying to read about, I didn’t know till now that he was recovered and is on the road again! I envy him, too, and I think it would be fun to go along for the ride - for a while, anyway.