Anyone getting drunk on election day?

It´s a special ocassion and a cool day.

Although I want Obama to win, and I think he will, I will celebrate this one in four year event by having a good ole´buzz going on.

If Obama wins, I´ll celebrate by drinking Johnnie Walker Blue Label (Democrats Blue)

If McCain wins, I´ll numb the pain with Johnnie Walker Red Label (Republicans Red)

Either way, I´m not letting this day go by like any other.

I´ve had enough of the pundits talkin´all this BS, let the real day come!

Anyone else have any special events planned for the elections?

Sure; why should that day be unlike any other? :stuck_out_tongue:

Keeping it moderate because I’ll have to drive 25 miles to get home, but I sure hope there’s a reason to pop the champagne. If not, I’ll resort to Duff Beer.

If the Republicans get in again, Black Label would be the most appropriate I think.

Yeah, I know, Red Label tastes nasty, but it’s “punishment” for losing the elections.

Black Label would also be worth considering once the Blue Label is over. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can buy the Johnnie Walker sampler pack in the US:

It comes with 200 ml bottles of Red Label, Black Label, Gold Label and Blue Label for 100$ or 120$

In the carribean they substitute the Red Label for the far superior Green Label in the sample pack.

Anyway, its gonna be a fun day.

Hell, I’m gonna get drunk *before *I vote.


What, do we have to be in the US? :stuck_out_tongue:

Drinking and having friends over on election days is great. Favourite memories:

–at the last UK election, when the first result came in with a landslide victory for the Labour guy, he was so triumphant about it that my friend said disgustedly, ‘For fuck’s sake. You haven’t defeated Sauron.’**

–when Tony Blair got elected in 97, after years of Tory rule, I was living in Tokyo and in an Irish bar. My Canadian friend and I kept clinking our Guinness together and shouting ‘Death to the Tories!’. Then we’d remember it was Tony Blair and Nu Labour, clink again and shout ‘God help us all!’

–David Trimble of the Ulster Unionist Party losing his seat (the man who helped spark off all the Drumcree rioting in 96 which led to a classmate of mine being shot dead as he worked in his taxi).

–Tony Blair standing on the platform having to listen while an independent candidate who ran against him and who lost his son in Iraq delivered a speech about how immoral Blair and the whole Iraq campaign was.

Anyone else?

[PSA]Liquor stores will be closed on Election Day, or at least until the polls close, in some states, IIRC. Stock up early![/PSA]

Yep, for sure. When’s election day again?

November 4th. You Americans better have your bottles bought by the 3rd, which I believe is a monday.

I’ll be in Prague, so I will wait until the next morning. Who drinks on a Tuesday, anyway?

Also I will drink this Wednesday morning, after the Canadian election.

“Election? What election? Oh election… right”