Anyone going to the London peace march on Feb 15?

I’m not much for making loud noises (apart from musical ones), I hate crowds, and I have some serious ideological differences with some of the other participating protest groups. But I am sufficiently opposed to the way in which the movement towards war with Iraq is progressing that I’m seriously considering adding my presence to the thousands upon thousands that are likely to be marching in London this Saturday. (I’ve heard attendance estimates suggesting that this weekend’s march might top the Countryside Alliance march, and possibly the VE crowds in London. Mindboggling.)

And since I’ll be there anyway, why not make a day of it? So if any Dopers are also planning on marching, or even just coming by to gawp, perhaps we could have an unofficial Londope and meet up at some point for lunch/a pint/throwing trash bins at the police. I am, of course, joking about that last one.


Map of the march

I know a few people who intend to go, but they are not members here - the mad crazy fools! ( I must introduce them to SDMB - they’d love it.)

Well, as for me, I intend going to the Glasgow version, so maybe I’ll have a pint in a 400 mile away sympathy with you London peeps. :slight_smile:

This is sort of relevant. Plagairism good, diisagreement bad, it seems.

This is taken fom the B.B.C. website today.

Ooops - did I say “taken” - maybe I meant “plagiarised”, that seemingly being OK in these strange days. :slight_smile:

Well, it sounds like it’ll be a truly internaitonal day of protest after all; this is where I’ll be:

International Day of Protest Against the War on Iraq
Feb 15, Saturday, 12 PM
Devon & Leavitt (2200 W. Devon), Chicago
In the heart of Chicago’s Pakistani Community
Co-sponsored by numerous organizations including Iraq Peace Pledge

Anyone care to join me?

Nope. I’ll be hard at work. Appeasement never works. If Saddam needs to be smacked hard if he doesn’t obey.

I’ll be at work too, though may consider wondering down to Hyde Park (or wherever) in the afternoon. To Gawp mainly, though I don’t approve of the way we’re heading into war. I wonder what would be happening if all the oil had already dried up…

Could make it. Don’t know about marching - my feet hurt at the moment - but I could certainly turn up and gawp. And there’s nothing wrong with my drinking muscles.

Dublin: Parnell Square, 2pm, Saturday 15th Feb, 2003.

My problem is I hate being associated with all the Socialist Workers arseholes and bandwagon-jumpers. But sod it, it’s worth it.

Hey - don’t knock the Socialist Workers. If it weren’t for their tireless and unstinting efforts, Britain would have had a Labour government in 1987.

I’ll be there, for all the sodding difference it’s likely to make. Like I was at the Countryside March, the previous countryside march, the Sportsman’s Alliance march. None of it makes the blindest bit of difference but I suppose it’s the only means of expressing an opinion that our absurd electoral system allows.

My friends dad used to work for Sun Alliance, can I come ?
**Stop The War **(Index page)
**How to get to London **(organised coaches)

Not sure about me, irons in the fire … man about a dog … fish to fry …’least I’ll have updates from this thread, now.
Are they still talking of up to 500,000 ? … that’s a *lot * of people

I’ll be at the one in NYC… there have been rallies in Times Square every few days for the past few weeks, and this one promises to be HUGE.

nothing wrong with the socialist workers, except for the Socialist Workers Party in Dublin. their meetings are as close as you can get to the PFJ.

Oh, there’s nothing wrong with socialist workers - I’m one myself, in that I’m a socialist who works for a living. My experience of the SWP, though, is that it’s full of ranting idiots and upper-class mummy’s boys with double-barrelled names, and I do not need these people telling me I’m not revolutionary enough.

Right. Enough politics, let’s talk about something important, like where are the best (Doper-friendly) pubs near Hyde Park?

One branch of the march is starting on the Embankment, so we might try the pub where the last Londope was (the Silver Moon? something like that). It’s far enough away from the crowds that it mightn’t be too packed, and if we’re enjoying ourselves we could wait and pick up the march as it comes up Whitehall.

And the ones in Cardiff, Oxford, London, in fact they’ve been a big pain in the arse wherever I’ve encountered them.

"Soo’list waaakaaa? Soo’list waaakaaa? ring ring Oh hi Tristan, no, Mumsie’s with the geegees at the mo’. Yah, me and Crispin are going to a sit-in later, it’ll be sotch fon. Ciao!

Soo’list waaakaaa?"

Anyway, I’m not a socialist, so I’ve even more right to be annoyed with an association with them.

There will be one here too. I’ve seen the signs around.

Churchill Square 1 pm March for Peace

I’ll try to go, but I work that night (graveyards)


I’ll be there. So it’s midday at Embankment, is it?

I’ll be the guy with the sign and the determined expression, you can’t miss me.

I’d love to go but I work for the man.

jjimm, I hope herself isn’t going along - she’s one of us now;).