Anyone got a razor? I just watched In the Bedroom.

Most. depressing. movie. ever.


I was upset for a few days. It’s real storytelling, with real acting craft, real emotions, real reactions, real people.

Stunning that it is that rare, these days. It’s brilliant, simply brilliant.


Very well acted, I must say.

No, the most depressing movie ever is either Jude or Dancer in the Dark. Both excellent films, but remove all sharp objects and/or narcotics from the house before watching. I was useless for at least a day after watching both of those.

In the Bedroom was disturbing and sad, but I thought it was quite good. It had that unique quality of making me thoughtful and quiet without completely casting me down into the pit. I quite liked it. Sissy Spacek was great. I agree with what Cartooniverse said.

I strongly suggest reading the original source for the film–the spare, 18-page story “Killings” by Andre Dubus, who is easily one of the best short story writers of our century.

It is told from a the father’s perspective, starting at what would be the middle of the film. While I thought the film was extraordinary in its own right, the crucial moment of truth for the father unfolds even more compellingly in the story.

pointless hijack: when I first saw the thread title, and didn’t notice that it was posted by a “Lola,” I thought it meant that In the Bedroom was interminably long. There have been movies where I felt as if I could feel my beard growing, and thinking about it was more interesting than watching what was on screen. Coincidentally, one of those movies was Dancer in the Dark.

My vote for most depressing movie ever is Requiem for a Dream. This thing should be required viewing in all high schools. And all nursing homes.

Spacek also starred in the very depressing “'Night, Mother,” in which she plays an exhausted, lonely, disillusioned 40-ish woman who, after telling her mother (Anne Bancroft) that she will kill herself that evening, continues to busy herself about the house, tidying up every possible thing, even labelling her possessions to clarify who is to inheirit what, gives her mother a manicure, and then locks herself in the bathroom and shoots herself, as promised.

I haven’t seen “In the Bedroom” yet. Is it as bad as that?

Well, I found it quite depressing, but well worth a rental because of the performances.