Anyone Got an Elantra?

I’ve got a meager refundable deposit down on a 1-year-old Hyundai Elantra GLS with 12K on it.
I’m planning on closing the deal Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.
Anyone got any input? Am I making a mistake?

I’ve had one for about a year and I’m pretty happy with it, for what it’s worth. (Of course, my main requirement in a car is that it start when I want it to, so it may not be worth very much.)

We had one, and traded it in when we needed something bigger.

They’re very good economy cars, and excellent value for the money.

I’ve had my Elantra for 2 years. (bought a 1+ year old car with 25,000 miles on it)

I’ve put 75,000 miles on it and gone through 2 sets of tires (one set of 50,000 mile tires that were eaten up in 18,000 miles, and one set of 80,000 mile warranty tires that now need replacing at about 50,000 miles. The rear end allignment goes out really easily, and you don’t really notice it.

It is also frustrating that the headlights go out when you turn off the engine.

The window glass is not very tinted and I find myself needing to use the air-conditioner when it is 70 degrees outside, because the inside of the car is too warm, and when you just turn the blower on, it pulls air off the engine that is warm. And 26 miles per gallon average with A/C on, 30 mpg. without A/C.

I drive long distances every day (obviously), and it is not very comfortable.

Overall, I regret buying the car. It is not a BAD car, I just consider it a CHEAP car.

Wish I had bought the Corolla instead.

A friend of mine bought an '97 Elantra back in 2001 and had nothing but problems with it for years. Then recently he bought an '03 Elantra GT and hasn’t yet had any complaints.

I’d echo pudytat’s sentiment that they aren’t necessarily bad cars, just cheap ones.

I have a 2006 with 30,000 miles on it, nineteen of which I’ve put on it. I’ve had some alignment issues and it can be difficult to find the perfect temperature balance as stated above, but have had no complaints otherwise.

My car’s headlights stay on until the door is opened when the engine is off.

Yeah, it’s certainly not an exciting car, nor a luxurious one.
To be honest, I’m underwhelmed, but due to finances I’m chasing a car I can afford, fit my fat tail in, get good mileage in and be reliable enough that I can not worry about repairs on for a few years.
I’d be doing a Corolla if I could fit, but the Hyundai seems to have mid-sized space at a compact weight. I also can’t find any Civic/Corolla/etc locally with 12K on them…

I have a 2006 with 30,000 miles on it, nineteen of which I’ve put on it. The sticker price was about $12,000 and am fairly content with it, though I have the same tire balance and temperature problems mentioned upthread.

I’ve also had to replace the wheel (not the tire) twice, and I’m not sure what the cause was the first time. The dealer said it was likely from curbing but even as recklessly as I sometimes drive, I’m not quite that bad and think I’d remember hitting the sidewalk at a clip.

I’ve had minor costs from here to there on my 5 years of owning a '00. I’ve only had one major breakdown and it could’ve been avoided, IMO. The head gasket went bad…no biggie really, but expensive. Overall, I’d recommend them. I’d even buy another one. They don’t necessarily “perform” well, but I’m not into drag racing anyhow. Overall, it’s been worth the money. I expect to have it for several more years to come. Buy it.

I have a 2005 Elantra hatchback that I bought new; I’ve put 128K miles on it in the three years I’ve owned it and haven’t had any problems at all, other than routine maintenance.* I used the car in my business most of the time and kept pretty accurate records on it. It routinely gave me 27-29MPG in mixed city/highway driving.
I’m on my second set of tires and I attribute that to the fact that I had the oil and filter changed once a month and the people who did that work always kept the tires properly inflated.
It isn’t a luxury car and it is hard to regulate the interior temperature, as others have noted, but it has been good reliable transportation for me.

*The thing has lived outside in the Florida heat since I bought it and windshield wipers are short lived.

Folks, I appreciate the input.
I didn’t hear any real horror stories yet, so I expect I’ll go forward on this one.
It now looks like I’ll be closing this one Tuesday rather than today, so keep the stories coming.

I wasn’t clear from the OP - is this an '07? The Elantras were redesigned for the 2007 model year and they’re quite an improvement from the previous generation. The 2008 Elantra was rated higher than the Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic by Consumer Reports. I have an '08 Elantra SE with just over 5,000 miles that I bought in July for $16,289 after a factory rebate. I’ve been really pleased with it so far, though it has one recall for a bad fuel pump.

The only thing I came across in my research that you might be wary of is that some ‘07s had inaccurate speedometers. I believe there was a recall and the issue could be fixed with a computer refresh. But you might check Edmunds’ CarSpace or another car forum to see if there were any TSBs, and make sure the car you’re buying has had any such issues addressed.

2007 Hyundai Elantra GLS
Options: ‘Popular Equipment Package’
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: Under 12K
Current Price: $14690
Condition: Near Fine Barring Singular Scratch, Driver’s Side Door, To Be Repaired By Seller

Why a used one, when Hyundai is offering low interest financing and rebates on new ones?

With much higher interest rates on used, the old meme on not buying new is outdated. You can sometimes get a better deal new in todays market. It’s at least worth checking out.

Oh, I did, I promise.
They’re out of 2008 “New” Elantra, and they are having trouble snagging any of the 2009.
I might have considered waiting, but my (not worth fixing) existing vehicle has a dead water pump. I’d take the bus, but I have two jobs, so…

Love my 3 y.o Elantra. Bought it new in '05.

Benefits: So cheap to run. Gas prices have barely affected me. Never had a problem knock on wood. Gets me where I need to go, doesn’t hassle me with problems, doesn’t draw attention to itself.

Drawbacks: Not luxurious in the slightest. I don’t drive long distances, nor do I drive every day (mostly for errands/movies/entertainment/groceries – I’m a student). Doesn’t have decent pick-up. Not four wheel drive.

My family (car’s in mom’s name still) was recently offered 2k over kelly blue book value for it, (it’s in incredibly high demand), because it’s a 4 door econobox. Too bad we’re still under the priceless 5 year bumper to bumper warranty :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the option of getting a Corolla (and it wouldn’t have mattered - parents paid for the car) and opted not to. If you driver longer distances and are pretty sure you want the car for a (really) long time, I’d spring for the Corolla. But if you’re concerned about money and the Elantra suits you, I wouldn’t go for anything more.

I had an '05 Elantra. It was my first car that wasn’t 10+ years old and a nice treat to have extras like A/C and cruise control. I had a commute of one hour each way to my job (freeway driving) and the car had decent mileage.

On the flip side, I found that the seats hurt my back if I was driving for more than a couple of hours. I also wasn’t a fan of how it handled in rain or snow which made hitting the mountains nerve-wracking (I wiped out on Snoqualmie Pass one time). I had it for two years and noticed that it was starting to show some age and needed a good tune up.

So I traded it in on a Baja. :slight_smile:

I think it would depend on what you’re using it for. City driving would be fine & dandy for an Elantra. I just want something that I can toss an elk in.

Well, deal’s done. It’s in my driveway.
And, lindsaybluth, its primary purpose will be a 12 mile commute, 8 miles interstate highway, 4 miles surface street.
Two days per week it’ll be a 22 miles commute, 16 miles interstate highway, 6 miles surface street.

Now, to commence with paying attention to parts of life that don’t involve paying attention to a car, at least for the next 4 years…