Anyone got an electric computer?

Has anyone out there got an electric computer?

I recently upgraded my trusty “Babbage” clone to one of them new electric things. You wouldn’t believe how small it is. The whole thing fits on a single desk!!!

Alas, the old Babbage machine blew a gasket which caused the main spring to snap, flinging cog-wheels all over the barn floor.

My questions re the new computer:

  1. Should I move it indoors? Would that be safe???
  2. How often should I grease the hard drive’s platters?
  3. Why do I get sparks when I top up the monitor with coolant water?
  4. Why does my old wind-up floppy drive scratch those new CDs so badly? The kids reckon it’s a compatibility problem but I’m not so sure.

Has anyone got a link to a www page showing how to reassemble my 1897 Babbage Classic? I just can’t adjust to this new-fangled electric stuff. Also the wife’s getting cranky about having a diesel generator in the bedroom. She reckons it keeps the chichens awake.

perplexed oldbie

Try this link.