Anyone have compact camera case recommendations?

My current compact point and shoot digital is effectively dead with a busted LCD screen (gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "point and shoot). I am almost certain that the damage was done while it was in my soft sided carrying case. Obviously I don’t care to make the same expensive mistake twice and have been looking for cases. Unfortunately all I can find fall into two broad categories: (1) Soft shelled and (2) hard shelled with no internal padding. (1) won’t protect the LCD from hard strikes and with (2) I am worried about jostling.

My camera will be constantly be going in and out of bags, through bus stations and air ports, and just generally being carried in a backpack. I’m looking for “chuck it against the wall without worries” protection. Any recommendations?

Anyone ever buy a plastic case and some foam to make their own custom carrying case?

The camera I am going to get is the Samsung TL105. If anyone knows anyone specific for that camera I might marry you.

My solution to this problem was to buy the Powershot D10. It’s dustproof, waterproof and shock-resistant, so it doesn’t really need a case. I’ve been carrying it in my satchel every day for over a year now and haven’t had any problems.

Thanks for the suggestion, but that camera is over twice as thick as the one I selected. I’m not too worried about it breaking while in use, it’s just when its being carried in my backpack.

I carry my digitals on a case made to fit my belt.
First I use an open manilla folder to make a prototype. I lay the camera on the paper and draw out the top, bottom and sides like an envelope. Then I cut the template out and see if it fits the camera properly and make adjustments. Next I trace the pattern on to leather from an old leather coat I saved for material. I sew seat belt type material on the back where my belt will go through. Then I sell Velcro where the flap will close in the front. To put it together I staple with a commercial type stapler that has a long arm and bigger than office staples. It could be hand sewn using nylon thread. The camera is always at my side for quick shots and is somewhat protected in that position. Where I have fallen on the camera, nothing broke. The LCD is on the body side while in the case so it can’t get broken.

So are you cobbling together leather from the shoe store?:smiley:

We recently lost our digital camera, and I just purchased a new one from Costco. It’s the Panasonic Lumix FH-20. From Costco, it comes with a case and 2GB SD card. The camera is well regarded, and so far I am happy with it.

If you want a case where you can throw it against a wall, may I suggest that maybe you should stick with pencil and paper? Sketching takes more time, but the equipment is much cheaper to replace and generally sturdier :smiley:

Although they are not explicitly camera cases, Pelican makes very good hard sided cases in a variety of sizes. Some of the larger sizes come with pre-perforated foam lining that can be easily cut to hold a specific item. If you are primarily concerned about protecting your camera when in your backback, a Pelican case will certainly do the trick.

What you want is hard (boiled) leather, lined with a layer of foam. I’ve made such cases for spectacles and phones, and have seen them made for cameras. The boiled leather is hard as plastic, without the (IMO) tacky look, or the weight of metal.

I think this is the winner. It doesn’t look like there is a case with foam that fits, but I can get a big enough one and put in my own foam.

Any tips on where I should get foam or installation techniques? I’m thinking that I should just get some foam and superglue.

Instead of just foam, you could fill the empty space with stiff insulation or Styrofoam insulation cut to fit. You can buy it as thin as half inch. Super Glue won’t work well. Contact cement would be cheap and easy. Take a look at Home Depot of Lowes.

Craft or fabric stores usually sell small pieces of foam, and often carry heavier densities which will offer better protection. You could try cutting the piece in half lengthwise and glue half to the top lid and half to the bottom lid. Place the camera in between and close shut - if the foam is of sufficient density it should hold the camera in the middle via friction.

Good luck, and let us know how it works out. :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to get 3 (or more) pieces of foam. One for the top, one for the bottom, and one for the middle with the shape of the camera cut out. I’ll certainly post how it turns out, but it probably won’t be for a month or so.

Any other votes for contact cement over super glue?

I have a CaseLogic case like one of these (although I don’t see my precise case there) for my little Canon Power Shot. It’s perfect for my needs (and yours too, I think). It’s small and it keeps my camera safe from damage. I’ve never thrown it against a wall, but it’s gone backpacking with me all over the Balkans, Colombia, India, and the Philippines, with no damage.

Your link dumps me back to their main page. I searched with their case finder and it looks like they only have soft or semi-rigid cases.