Anyone have experience with dental flippers?

My dentist over the last year has been trying to convince me to put in a new tooth to replace a front tooth I lost ages ago. I don’t want to spend $1000 for a strictly cosmetic procedure, so he suggested I instead get a semipermanent (say five years) tooth called a “flipper”. Is this a good idea? Would it be better to get a permanent tooth instead?

How are your other teeth? If this is your only problem and you’re teeth are fine, I can tell you save up and get the dental impant. You won’t be sorry.

Now if you’re teeth are bad and you are going to wind up in denture eventually like in 10 years or so, you need to rethink this. Is the grand going to be worth it if you will lose the implant when the dentures go in?

$1,000 is a lot of money but it’s like $19.25 a week? Can you cut your expenses by that much? Maybe give up a movie each week?

So if your teeth are otherwise fine, get it. But if you’re going to have a lot of problems later, well then give it some thought

How much to get this semi-permanent tooth? $1000 now with no further expense or worry, or whatever the cost of the temporary tooth every 5 years plus the wondering when it’s going to fall out or start looking bad to indicate it needs replacing.

What do you have now? Nothing? A missing front tooth may be strictly cosmetic to you, but it’s far more detrimental than you might think in work and socially. If it’s an obvious cap or some kind of temporary, that’s almost as bad if it’s not well matched. I know a few people who have had implants to replace missing teeth and were able to ditch crowns/caps/partials. Every one of them has been ecstatically happy with the results.

One of our high school seniors had a “flipper” that was a little loose when he went on senior trip a week before graduation. He ran out into the Florida surf and was promptly knocked down and rolled, losing the flipper in the process. Had to go through graduation with a prominent gap, since he only got back in town one day before the ceremony. I’m sure his mother was thrilled.

Uhm wow, really? People are judging left and right because OP doesn’t care about missing one tooth? Hell, if the gap doesn’t bother OP, why do you care about it?

I have no experience with dental flippers, OP, but I found this site via google:

Seems like a flipper would be the lowest-cost option. Takes some time to get used to it, but it is effective. If your teeth haven’t shifted to fill the gap after a year, they probably aren’t going to. So getting an implant is not medically necessary. It’s just an aesthetic thing. If you don’t mind the gap, then I’d just leave it as is. If it bothers you, then get the flipper. An implant… I don’t really see the necessity. Unless you speak publicly as a career, or are a model, missing a front tooth is not an issue that warrants expensive surgical procedures.

I have 3 teeth on a flipper, have had it for years. Implants would cost a fortune and I don’t really see the need.

I don’t know how true this is, but a dentist told me that teeth will tend to migrate into the open space potentially causing problems.

Is it really just a cosmetic procedure, or does the missing tooth affect your bite, jaw alignment, alignment of your remaining teeth, etc.? Or will it eventually?

Im in the process of getting an implant/crown. Had the implant done last week-- same day as the Slayer concert, so the blood fit the venue. :smiley:

I denied the flipper. It’s only temporary, and if my friends and family can’t stand me smiling missing a tooth, then fuck 'em. It’s a few hundred dollars to get one, you still have to take it out to eat, it’s sticks to the front roof of your mouth with suction, so you’ll probably lisp for a few days-- what’s the point?

Go for the implant. They’re not fun either, I’ll admit, but permanent. It’ll outlast your body for 20 years.

Another example of why teeth suck. They really do.

Someday they’ll figure out how to stop adult teeth from growing in after baby teeth fall out, and just install implants during childhood. No more braces, cavities, dental disease as long as people just take care of their gums. Perfect teeth from the get-go.

I got my first flipper about 15 years ago and needed a new one every 2 to 3 years. What I have spent over that time on dentists and lost time from work would have more than paid for a permanent replacement. I would like to get an implant but can’t so I am having a bridge put in soon.

I would like to add that while using a flipper, I swallowed them twice. The first time I had a spare so that wasn’t too much of a problem. The last time a few years ago I had to moniter my “droppings” till I found it. Luckily it took only 3 days till it passed. After a thorough cleaning, I popped it back in my mouth.

I was wondering how on earth you swallowed your flipper when they are the size of a retainer?