Anyone have experience with NEXUS Card?

I’m planning a summer vacation to Quebec, and while I have a passport, by missus and the kids do not. I’ve learned that the gov’t allows for NEXUS Card use for US/Canada border crossings, and it’s significantly cheaper than passports ($129 vs. $405).

It looks like the whole process can be done over the internet. Is that so? Has anyone here been through the process? What to expect?

No experience with NEXUS, but how old are the kids? If they are 15 or younger they don’t need a passport to enter Canada anyways, a birth certificate will suffice. So you are really looking at paying the same amount for NEXUS as your missus’s passport. If it was me, in that case I’d rather just get the passport.

Huh. Interesting wrinkle and makes me glad I asked here. The kids will be 9 & 12 when we travel, and I’ve been after my missus to get a passport for years.


What about returning to the States?

The thing about passports is, you know they’re good everywhere.

If we have to leave the kids in Canada, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.


There would be no point in allowing birth certificates for entry into Canada if you couldn’t return to the US with them ;). So yes, Children under the age of 16 can travel to canada and back to the usa with their birth certificates as proof of citizenship.

Nexus is in addition to your passport not instead of.

I personally love the program, it gives me entry into the TSA precheck lines, priority clearance lanes at all the US/Canada bridges and just generally makes travel easier, but I don’t think it will help in your situation.

I’ve looked into getting a Nexus pass before and I’m pretty sure that the entire process CAN NOT be done over the internet. I believe you need have a in person interview before getting the pass.

Yeah, further investigation revealed I had the Nexus program 100% wrong. But that’s ok, because if SmithWife gets her passport we’re all set. Which is nice.

This is incorrect, you don’t need a passport to get Nexus.

Indeed. And the two closest offices are 6 & 8 hours away from my home. :smack:

My wife and I each got one a few years ago. Much of the process took place via the Internet but I think I also had to mail or fax a few documents in. Not only that we had to appear in person at one of the entry points to answer a few questions and have our photos taken. But once we got 'em it was a snap 'cause we were then able to use the “express line” (or whatever it’s called) to pass through the border more quickly (while it worked fine for us - while we used it - I think the NEXUS card is really meant mostly for people who pass through the border frequently. Not sure how frequent “frequently” is in this case but I’m pretty sure it’s more frequently than my wife or I used it!) than is generally possible through the “usual” passport line.

It’s a bit more expensive, but the Global Entry program serves the same function but works for entry to the US from other countries, too. And there’s likely an office for interviews as close as the nearest regional hub airport.