Anyone have experience with plantar warts?

I have a lump about the size of a pencil erasre on my left foot that is giving me trouble. It doesn’t hurt on it’s own, but it does irritate the nerves and tendons associated with my big toe, which causes me no end of discomfort. My lay diagnosis is a plantar wart, and I’m just about ready to get a podiatric referral for this.

Anyone have experience with/like this? Treatment? Care afterwards? Could you play the violin when it was over?

As someone who has had over 50 warts removed, I can tell you what I’ve had done from experience.

The general over-the-counter way of removing plantar warts is to us salysilic (sp) acid. Compound W is one of many products that contain this. I’ve also heard that duct tape will also help, but with all of the warts I’ve had, duct tape has never actually gotten rid of a single wart on me. I’ve also tried the OTC freezing methods, also with no success.

Your family doctor is capable of diagnosing warts (plantar or otherwise) and prescribing treatment. You may also want to see a dermatologist for removal of stubborn warts. Usually this is done by either freezing them off with liquid nitrogen, or burning them off with a hot needle. Either way that is done, you will get a blood blister and probably have to go back for a second freezing/burning to make sure that all the wart tissue is killed.

Just an FYI, I have had warts on both my hands, and at one time, I had about 30 warts on the bottoms of both my feet. All were removed by a dermatologist, except a couple I once had on my hands that I used Compound W strips on.

I had several on my my feet and they came back after the Dr. had burned them off with liquid nitrogen. About the same time, a study was released detailing how a Dr. had used duct tape to treat them and how successful he was. I forget the details now, but the assumption was that something in the duct tape sets up an immune response and the warts go away on their own faster than without the treatment. It certainly worked for me. Do a google search of plantar warts and duct tape and you’re sure to find out about it.

Are there black dots within the lump? If not, then my non-medical lay opinion is it’s not a plantar wart. In addition to the treatments already discussed, other options are having the wart cut away with a scalpel or burned off with a laser. I’m having two treated right now (freezing) and the treatment does not appear to be successful, although so much skin has peeled off the treatment site it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on.

I had one on the bottom of my foot when I was about 9 or so. The podiatrist took a small scalpel, and basically shaved the top of the wart off, and put nail polish remover on the stump. It hurt a little bit walking on it, but whatever.

My mom was encouraged to put the nail polish remover on it twice a day until it was gone. Sure enough, in a couple weeks, it was gone entirely.

SOOO not a big deal.

I had one onder a toe when I was in middle school. The doc numbed it and burned it off with some sort of cautery gear, leaving a nice crater that took a few weeks to heal. Minor pain and frequent dressings changes were the only things I had to worry about. It never grew back. Go get it looked at and taken care of; they can spread and you don’t want that.

Ironic, isn’t it: plantar warts and nut warts are both major bummers, but Planter’s nuts are quite tasty.

I can beat that; I once had over forty on my feet. :slight_smile:

They got that bad because I ignored them forever and kept trying to treat them half-assedly with over the counter stuff. The first time I got a couple in my teens, the podiatrist cut 'em out of my feet. They were quite deep and I still have the scars. The time when I had so many, I finally went to the doctor and she burned them off with liquid nitrogen. It wasn’t a one time treatment; I had to go repeatedly for a month or so until they were finally gone. Luckily, I could go to the university clinic so it wasn’t that expensive.

Anyway, take care of it pronto. Warts are caused by a virus and can spread easily.

Dang, tremorviolet! I am humbled by your superior wart attraction. :wink:

Mine weren’t all that bad, very shallow. I had fortunately caught them before they could grow real deep. They actually looked like tiny little bubbles just below the skin. Just 2 freezing sessions at the dermatologists got rid of them.

I had one when I was in college. I went and got it burned out with liquid nitrogen. It didn’t hurt much, and I had the coolest crater on the bottom of my foot, big enough to put the entire tip of my pinky in. Unfortunately, it came back, so they burned it out again. Being skeptical of the effectiveness of the treatment by that time, I went and bought some salicylic acid and applied it to the crater. It worked, and they never came back.

My SO dealt with a plantar wart and its removal for the better part of a year. Part of her regimen was prescription-strength Salicylic Acid.

I had a slightly different treatment, so I guess I’ll share. When I was a kid, I kept picking up plantar warts from the shower at the pool at the Y. I saw a dermatologist, who would do one in-office application of strong acid (salicylic, I assume.) It caused a blister in the healthy skin around the wart, so I was supposed to keep it bandaged for a few days to prevent infection. I complied to different degrees with different warts, but never had any trouble with infection.

The wart wasn’t immediately dissolved or anything, but the acid apparently did some sort of dread damage, because about a week later the whole wart would turn to dead, white skin and fall out. I always thought was super cool how the “bad” wart tissue would get killed by the acid, while the healthy skin would just blister a bit and recover.

I did sometimes have some pain from the blister, pretty comparable from what you get from any sort of blister on the bottom of your foot. Never enough to get me out of gym class, though, as I recall. And I don’t have any scars.

I had a plantar wart on the bottom of my foot, just past the base of the toes into the sole. I ignored it for quite a while, and by the time I went to the doctor it had gotten very deep and had to be removed by cutting. Never came back.

I’ve been told that a true “plantar” wart is by definition on the bottom of the foot; “plantar” means “relating to the sole of the foot.” I have also been told that these are somewhat different from the other kinds of warts that typically grow on other parts of the body. I’m not a doctor, so if this is inaccurate, please accept my apology!

Nope, it’s correct pretty much. They’re different form other warts because the pressure form walking causes them to grow inward. I was trying to find an illustration of this on the web (I’ve seen a diagram once and the wart looks like a little cone) and I found this fascinating site about one person’s quest to get rid of his wart complete with pictures!

I had a great big and very painful one on the bottom of my big toe when I was nine or ten and eventually had it burned off. The only thing I clearly remember was that the name of the company that manufactured the burning instrument thingy was “Butcher,” which did not seem very auspicious. I’ve never had any problems since, though. Interestingly, a collection of little bumpy warts on the inner side of my other big toe spontaneously disappeared when the big one was gone. This may have been merely coincidence, but I’ve always wondered about it.

Mine looked like the first one on this page: result.cfm?

I had one in college. Right on the ball of my foot, hurt like hell to walk with it. I used the OTC salicylic acid stuff (the liquid solution had the highest concentration, I found) for a while, and when it and the skin around it was all white and dead, I cut the sucker out myself.

In the meantime, I was able to resume walking semi-normally thanks to some pads from, I believe, Dr. Scholl’s. Their plantar wart kit came with some round discs with thick padding around the perimeter and a cut-out center which, when placed over the wart, kept most of the pressure off the wart and relieved a LOT of the pain.

I had a wart of my right heel once. Used Compound W, and I’d occasionally shave some of it off/cut some out with a razor (not part of my Dr’s advice, but I get bored). Went away, never to return.

My sis had one on her finger. Had to do the liquid nitrogen thing like, 3 times.

I had one on my big toe not too long ago. Two freezing treatments didn’t get rid of it, but the Dr. Scholls kit did. But not until I figured out to shave as much off it as I could each time I changed the dressing.

I would take off the old wart killer thingy (round stick-on pad) and soak foot in hot water. When it was really soft I would have at it with a regular leg shaving razor, shaving off 2 or 3 layers, till it was real exposed looking. Then I would apply the next wart killer thingy. It took a few weeks of doing that, but it hasn’t come back.

Good luck!

Oh yuck, I forgot just how utterly wretched-looking those things are!

I had a nice crop of them when I was fifteen and it took me almost YEAR to get rid of them! It started with this little bump on on my left foot that look like someone had sprinkled pepper over it. It hurt to walk on it, but my father looked at it kept telling me it was just a callus and all I had to do was file it with a pumice stone. Nope, it didn’t work. He told me to trim it using nail clippers. That just made it bleed. Then they started to spread…

Well, I was at my friend’s one night and her mother saw the bottom of my foot and told me what it was-one of her daughters had had them.

It took long months of rubbing some prescription only salicylic acid treatment over them and then filing them away with nail files. They’d develop into this mottled black and white skin and then they’d PEEL off. They were absolutely beastly and so incredibly painful! So bad that it took me another year to break the habit I’d developed of walking on the sides of my feet.
Good luck. Burn those little suckers. Nasty things, they is.

They’re caused by a virus. Do not just muck about with this. Get some actual medical advice. There’s a guy here at work who is still limping after his surgery about a week ago for these. He just assumed it would go away, and tried some stuff himself that just made it worse.