Anyone have experience with the Lowel DP light?

I picked up several Lowel DP lights off Craigslist, and I’m having some trouble with the bulbs. I was doing a film shoot then one light went out, then another. Bulbs were brand new so I didn’t think they had burned out, but shaking one of the fixtures brought the light back on. That makes me think the bulbs aren’t seated properly and the connection isn’t good.

The instructions make note that the bulbs are very had to put in, and they’re right. I crammed them in as hard as I can, and I’m not 100% certain they’re in all the way. But the only way they’re getting in any more is with a hammer (which isn’t really an option for so many reasons).

Has anyone worked with these lights before who can offer advice on how to get the bulbs in correctly, and how to tell if they won’t move because they’re seated properly, or if they’re just being stubborn?

We used to use them at work, today we’re more into LEDs.

First, handle the bulbs with gloves or a cloth or paper towel - be sure you do NOT leave skin oils on the bulbs. It will greatly reduce their lifespan.

If these are the bulbs I am thinking of one of the pins is larger than the other, so you can only insert them into the seat one way. You have to grasp the ceramic base pretyy strongly and wiggle it into the seat to get them to work.

Sadly if you bought them used they may have been sold for a reason. When in doubt you can take them apart and clean the contacts pretty well. That may help.

If you touch the bulbs with your fingers wipe them off with alcohol before using them.

The wires to the base may be connected with screws, which may have loosened with use. You’ll need to take it apart. Are you reasonably handy?

Pretty handy. I swung past a theatrical rental place over the weekend, and though I didn’t have the lights handy, the tech thought the socket may be corroded and not allowing the bulb to go in all the way. A project when I find the free time later this week.