Anyone have My Music Inc.?

My better half is wanting to subscribe to My Music Inc. He went read the review of this site at, but I’d like to get some Doper opinions before I fork over my credit card number.

Is it worth 35 bucks?
Is it really only $35 for life, or will we end up paying other fees in the future?
Is downloading fast?
Is this site really legal? Yes, I read the Terms & Conditions. But I’m paranoid that it’s not completely legal from the Music Industry’s viewpoint.

Sorry if I seem ignorant. It’s just that with music downloading sites like Napster, etc. being yanked for piracy, I don’t want to get into trouble. I’m a good girl, dang it!

Reading the ‘legal’ link, it appears to be a filesharing program. Not a topic for discussion here.

However, the third site listed, Real’s Rhapsody, is legitimate. I use it and think it’s worth the monthly fee. Downloads are fast if you have broadband.

Napster, Rhapsody, and Yahoo all offer subscription music and I’m sure there are other sites as well. (and yes, Napster is now legal but of course it’s not free) Some people prefer to buy and own all their music. Other find the subscription services to be ok. For me, the sheer volume of music that I want to listen to makes buying it not a good idea. For $15/month I can load about 900 songs into my mp3 player. At 79 cents per track, that would cost $711. That will pay the subscription for almost 4 years.

I suggest you try the free trial version of Rhapsody. You may like it.


From their Legal section:

It’s a file-sharing program. You’re no better off with this program than any of the other illegal options out there - unless you only share public domain files.

Sorry, but I must close this.