Anyone heard of Integrated Media Measurement?

I got a letter in the mail yesterday saying that I was chosen to participate in Integrated Media Measurement if I so choosed. It seems to be like the Neilsens, but with all sorts of media. According to one blog I found, “Integrated Media Measurement has created a technology using cell phones allowing them to sample the audio someone encounters in their daily life.”

It sounds creepy to me, and I don’t think I’ll sign up, but I was wondering if anyone else has participated or knows anything about it.

(Hope this is the right forum- I didn’t know where to put it, since it relates to media, but I’m also asking for answers or opinions.)

This might be unrelated to your question, but…

One of the loopholes in the “do not call list” law is that firms that have an existing business link with you (a survey, for example) can call you despite your being on the don’t call list.

It doesn’t bother me that they asked me to be a part of their research. I’ve put my name and address various places that they could have gotten in from. I just wanted to know more about the company.

When I first read the letter they sent me, I thought it was just I would have to keep a journal or fill out something online like I think the Neilsen families have to do, and I thought it could be fun. But when I read that it would be some sort of cell phone that would always me listening to me, I was a little creeped out and wanted to know more.

I thought if there was something really weird or creepy about it, then there’d be something on Wikipedia, or there’d be more blog posts about it, but I couldn’t find much that talks about the company.

So, I was just wondering if anyone had heard about it, or had any opinions about it after reading the links I posted.