anyone here camp/hike the Porcupine Mts in Michigan?

I’m thinking of an multiday hike/backpack through that area and would like some advice on it.

What specific trails, what the terrain is like…weather in June/July…People traffic; bear issues, proper footwear.

I’m planning on hiking and tenting for at least 3 nights, maybe as many as 5. I’m thinking this summer, but no specific time

I have experience outdoors but its been a while since I’ve strapped on my pack and walked long distances

Advice anyone?

I haven’t been there and haven’t been in the UP since I was a kid. I have spent a lot fo time outdoors in the northern lower peninsula.

If you aren’t from nearby where the climate is something you are used to… it could snow in June. It’s unlikely. You should be prepared for cold snap, though, that takes nighttime temps into realms that don’t say summer to most of the country. You should pack to be be ready at least for high 30s and raining if you are far away from help/shelter. Climate history in June:

Michigan has black bears that are less aggressive and smaller than brown bears. It’s a park area so they might have become less scared of people. I’d check for hints specifically to black bear if you are used to brown bear. They also have wolves in the Porcupine Mountains.

Yep and I got arrested.

Wandered into the Huron Mountain Club which come to find out is ultra exclusive for a few 1% with no discernible wilderness boundaries to speak of.

Fun times… (Sarcasm)

My quick research shows that the HMC is in Marquette County, the Porkies are way father west.

I’ve only camped in the campgrounds, but I have hiked from the lookout tower back to the modern campground.
I did pass one or two campsites and several cabins. Mirror Lake was quite nice. Often photographed Lake of the Clouds looks different from “ground level” I know there are some campsites on the lake.

The terrain is nontrivial, but not extreme. I wasn’t carrying a backpack so my viewpoint may not apply, but I had no trouble walking down from Summit peak and back up to the LooC overlook (and back to lake level)

I know some folks that did a yurt-yurt snowshoe

I assume you have seen this:


The Mrs. and I stayed for 3 nights in the cabin on Lake of the Clouds, back in the fall of 1983. It was lovely; we hiked to Mirror Lake, and did bits of the Escarpment Trail and the Big Carp River trail. We later drove to the Presque Isle scenic area for a hike and that was a beautiful sight to see.

The weather cooperated, bugs were not bad at all, and no bears were sited. Nor were any other humans, which made it a perfect trip.

Have you considered renting a cabin in the park? Granted, it limits the distance you can cover, but it is nice to return to a ‘home base’ where you have some creature comforts like a wood stove and bunks and an outhouse.

Sorry I can’t supply more recent info. We made a repeat trip in the winter of 2006, to ski the Porkies. But didn’t enter the park save for at the ski hill.