Anyone here ever sell a script?

I live in Los Angeles and have started writing a script with a writing partner. I know it’s cliche and every has had fantasies of selling scripts in Hollywood, but I think we’ve got what it takes in terms of talent, ideas, and potential contacts.

My question is . . . do you have to be a member of a union or writers’ guild before anyone will even read your script? If so, that’s fine . . . it is what it is and we’ll get whatever process. Just thought I’d tap into some Doper minds to hear your experiences.

Thank you!

I know two people who are writing scripts out in LA. I think one of them had limited success (but pretty far from having a movie even close to being made). I’m not ion touch with him anymore. Another friend has been working, but no success yet AFAIK. But I can ask her, at least.

I’m pretty sure you’ve got to sell a script before you can join the WGA- but you can register the thing, which is definitely in your best interest. There are tons of resources online for (tons of) aspiring screenwriters, most of which are pretty useful.

I don’t recall the name, but I once came across a great one from a former script reader about what not to do. I do, however, have friends who started off as lowly interns or readers of mostly unsolicited material for mid-sized production companies. Their main concerns included budget (so no period pieces, giant crowd scenes, crazy special effects) and whether or not it would be considered a good ‘vehicle’ for an established or up-and-coming star, often a youngish female. Plus all the quality stuff, blah blah blah. But from what I’ve heard, putting it in the proper format and spelling everything correctly will already put youahead of the game.

Awesome feedback . . . thank you! I never considered the budget aspect (just getting started) . . . this is really helpful.