Anyone here new to TiVo?

I am, i just bought one today. I got the idea from this thread andthis, everyone seemed to say it was alot more than just a glorified VCR.

I’ve learned that TiVo offers rewards if you are recommended by someone. I consider this post not against the TOS because I really did get the idea to get a TiVo from SD, but this list of rewards shows you can get some good rewards if you refer enough friends. I figure if anyone else here got the idea to get a TiVo from SD and wants to make one of the posters on the TiVo threads their ‘recommender’ they can give that person points. You get 5k points for each recommendation. If 4 new people get recommended that is good for a 20GB Ipod. I was hoping if we got to that point that we could sell it on ebay and split the proceeds 5 ways, which would come to a little over $40 each person.

Sorry if this is against the TOS, but I don’t see why it’d be. I got the idea to buy a TiVo from here.