Anyone here play the mobile game "I Am Innocent"?

REALLY liking this game. Nice sense of immersion, simulated Messenger convos, even phone calls that I straight up thought were legit calls, a nice Tetris-like minigame that isn’t too easy or too hard to be enjoyable… can anyone recommend any other games with that sense of immersion?

I was interested but the reviews make this look very frustrating. Apparently the mini game (which you need to complete to progress in the story) is designed so that it is occasionally impossible to do (since you don’t get the right blocks to proceed) and you are forced to pay money to get past that hurdle. That’s apparently been a “flaw” for a long time and it hasn’t been addressed by the developers so I’m not sure that it’s not intentional. Seems a bit scammy to me.

About the minigame; there are definitely some times that it’s impossible to proceed, but as far as I can tell the blocks do seem random; starting the puzzle over (maybe sometimes twice) I’ve been able to solve all of them so far.

I just wish there was even more of a sense of immersion; I had the one “phone call” early on which was suitably creepy but none since then.