Anyone in a cold place own a Jag S-type? - how do I lock without activating the alarm?

I have just had a call from the police. Apparently my car is pissing off the neighbours by sounding its alarm. Apparently this type of car is prone to do this in cold weather.

It did it a few times earlier today with my knowledge.

I’ve googled for the answer to this question with no luck.

So, is it possible to lock my car without activating the alarm?

And as a bonus question/answer: Is it possible to solve the: “This car has a habit of having its alarm go off in cold weather” problem?

ETA: In my previous car, the way to do it was to lock the car using the key instead of the button. But when I do that with this car it still has the flashing light to suggest it is alarmed.

Our minivan locks it’s doors if you press the lock button(power locks) before closing the door. The alarm is not armed and the locking is delayed a few seconds.

Don’t use the fob. Use the key and lock the car the old-fashioned way.

That’s what I did. But I can still see the beeping light that I am led to beleive tells me the car is armed/alarmed.

Every car I’ve had that’s advanced enough to have a fob has done exactly the same thing if you lock it with the physical key in the hole as if you push the button, including activating the alarm.

I’d recommend either asking the dealership or (potentially more helpful) find an online forum for Jaguar owners (I’m sure there’s at least one) and ask there. There might be a fix or a workaround.

What year is it?
Have you spoken to the local dealer about this problem? What did they say? Have they consulted the Jag tech help line? (if they have no clue)

If anyone who owns a Jag is wondering - I figured it out.

You can’t do it with the key. The key just activates the alarm.

The way to do it is from inside the car… Open the drivers side door so you can get out, push the front passenger door lock, all the doors will lock (including the drivers door) get out, close door, hey presto the car is locked but not armed.