Anyone know anything about MS Outlook utility called PFBACKUP?

Can anyone tell me about an Outlook (that’s the FULL version NOT Express) plug-in called PFBACKUP?

I swear I read about this in a thread I actually started, but darned if I can find anyone’s reference to it but mine.

I posted here at the good ol’ SDMB cuz I could get no answers from Microsoft or Dell (unless I pay them).

I wanted to transfer my old email from my old Win98SE system to my new WinXP system.

Somewhere I learned about this add-in called PFBACKUP. It adds a new menu item under the “File” pulldown menu, called Backup. The utility asks you if you want to “Create” a backup or “Install” a backup. Simple. By selecting Create, on my Win98 system, it created an Outlook-Backup.PST that is a backup of all my “Personal Folders” in Outlook. So fa, So good.

Now, I’ve been using my new WinXP system for a while, and I have newer email on it.

Now, at last, here’s my question: If I transfer the .PST backup file to my XP system, run the PFBACKUP and select “Install”, will it MERGE my old email into my new system, or will it Over-Write it? Thereby loosing all my new email?

Yes, I’ve already searched MS’s “extensive knowlege base”:rolleyes: and it’s about as verbose as the back of a penny.

Hep me guys!

According to the “help” in Outlook, when you import from a .PST file, it will ask you whether it should eliminate duplicates or not. In other words, if you’ve already got, say, a Contact for “Cecil” in there, and the imported file also has a “Cecil,” it can either create a second one, or just use the imported one. What this clearly implies is that, when you import from a .PST file, the imported stuff will be added to what’s already in there, rather than just overwriting it. So, you shouldn’t lose any of your new mail at all.

Frankly, I have no idea what PFBACKUP is, since Outlook has a built-in import/export facility. I don’t quite understand why one would need any sort of add-on program to do that. You should be able simply to do a File/Import from that Outlook-Backup.PST file that you created under Win98, and it should just add to the stuff that you’ve already got in Outlook.

At any rate, just to be safe, before you do the import, go to Windows Explorer, locate the outlook.pst file, and make a copy of it. It should be in c:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook (whew!).