Anyone know anything about Zoetic Workshops?

This is something my brother has been doing quite a lot of recently. He says he’s been learning how to meditate and “get grounded.” My concerns are that there may be some brainwashing going on here, but I have no concrete evidence to back it up. A Google search has only turned up this and this.

I’ve been thinking about doing it myself, if only to learn what it is that my brother’s been doing lately, but I thought I might come here to see if anyone knew anything.

Don’t know about the ‘zoetic’ part, but in the links you’ve posted, there’s ‘zoetic reiki.’ Now, reiki is all about the manipulation of invisible life energies, which is utter bullshit. When a reiki therapist can’t see their subject behind a screen, they can’t even tell whether someone is actually there. So much for being able to feel their energy, let alone manipulate it.


“Zoetic Workshops” seems to be the name of a company, which is into leading seminars on all end of new-age hippie bullsh!t: Meditation (in a metaphysical sense rather than a “calming and focusing” sense), “Expansion”, Reiki, “Integration”, Kabbalah, and Tantra. Since a number of these are based on radically different metaphysical systems, there’s no way that they’re all tied in with each other and still true to the original versions. In other words: even if you believe in Kabbalah, this isn’t it, but rather something thrown together with the superficial semblance of the Kabbalah to get gullible fools to part with their money that much sooner.

As another angle: If Reiki did work, wouldn’t proper focus, control, and skill enough to be considered a “Master Teacher” take more than four workshops (likely no more than a year or so of work)?

Okay, so it’s new age hippie bullshit, and a waste of money. I guess my question is, is it otherwise harmless? I mean, is anyone going to ask my brother to drink of the Koolaid or brainwash him to kill the President?

May I recommend Vipassana Meditation As Taught By S. N. Goenka, in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin. Basically a traditional buddhist meditation. It’s rather intense, -10 days no talking. But it has a real honest “want to teach” feel to it (you’ll notice distinctly less ® and © on their site). Most everything is run on a voluntary basis, including payment. Donations, amount is at your discretion, are only accepted after completion of your first 10 day course. I did not get the impression they were building a zombie army. :wink:

I’ve only done it once but it was quite a learning experience as well as an ordeal. I think I’ll keep it to 1/10 years so I have time to forget the ordeal part.

I doubt it. Then he wouldn’t be around to buy another round of workshops.