anyone know how to restore a headphone plug that has worn out

I’ve got a mp3 player with a remote control cord which also serves as the socket adapter for headphones. The plug on the remote cord, where it plugs into the mp3 device seems to have worn out like the plug of any headset after a few months of use so that I only get sound in one ear. I’ve already tested the earhones with another device so I know its not just the earphone plug that has worn out. I’ve looked around on the internet to see if I can buy a replacent remote cord and it seems that I can’t. My local stores say that I will NEVER find a relacement for that remote cord.

So my question is, Is there way to restore a headphone plug that has worn out. If its just headphones, I would just go out and buy a new pair. But in this case I will have to scrap the whol mp3 player, or just use it for file storage, or just get used to listening with one ear.

I hope someone can help me with this.

Generally what happens is the thin wire in the cord breaks due to metal fatigue. Usually this break is right at the strain relief for the plug, which makes a splice repair almost impossible. IF you can find a replacement plug and can determine the proper wiring configuration, you might be able to cut the cord back a couple inches and install the new plug. If it’s an uncommon or proprietary plug, you are most likely out of luck. Post the make and model number of the MP3 player, and perhaps one of us can locate the cable you need, though.

Thanks QED.
Its a Philips Wearable Digital Audio 64MB

Hello akohl. Does the remote pin-out look anything like this?


On one end it has a regular earphone plug that goes into the device and a earphone socket to plug the earphone into on the other. In between it has the controls for volume and navigating from song to song.

How many bands on the plug that goes into the device? Does it have two, exactly like a standard phone plug? If so, replacement will be trivial if you have some basic soldering and wiring skills.

Soo, this is a second cord that goes between the headphones and the player? With controls built into the wire? Sounds like there’s going to be 3 or more conductors.

Er…as I was saying…

Ya, I’ve has some trouble repairing headphone cords. Sometimes the wires are coated with something that refuses to be soldered. My flux couldn’t cut through it. I suppose you could try to sand the wires but the ones I tried were super-duper fine and I gave up.

Usually they’re bundled fine magnet wires with an SML insulation or something similar. You can burn it off with a lighter and use an emery cloth to polish the ends up for soldering.

Q.E.D., that little tidbit just saved my favorite (expensive) pair of headphones! Thank you!!

If I can do it, then there’s hope here! I’m sure a picture of the plug will help, if one can be obtained…

Its got three bands.

Soldering and wiring skills? We’re out of luck there. I was hoping someone had some technique of restoring the plug by soaking it or rubbing it with some special liquid and could provide a link where I could purchase that liquid on line.

Here’a a picture of it, but they don’t show the cord.

Here it is,

Here’s a pdf file which shows a good picture of the devise and how the cord fits works.