Anyone know if this is legit or bogus?

I recently received the following forwarded email. While it sounds slightly plausible, it also resembles a lot of hoaxes that I have seen. One website I looked at said it was a Dominican Republic area code, and the rate for their long distance company was 7.9 cents per minute, but they quoted the same (7.9 cents/min.)rate when I entered 900 as the area code. And that’s certainly not correct.

Well give it a look, and tell me what you think.

I would appreciate any info on this. Not that I need to know, but this has just picqued my interest.

Very true Kid. I saw a piece on T.V. in Canada a while ago on this same 809 scam. If you want to learn more, go to the Better Business Bureau site and click News and Alerts. There is a July 1997 Alert on this subject (There could be something more current elsewhere).

When did they move the Virgin Islands to the Bahamas?

Also see, from the Urban Legends pages, , 809 Area Code

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Sorry, wrong number

Papa Bear is right–the Bahamas and the British Virgin Islands are two different places. To call the Bahamas from the US requires a country code–242. The British Virgins (does that sound like a new group name for the Spice Girls, or what?) can be dialed as a regular long-distance number, but the area code is 284.

The Dominican Republic is in fact area code 809, as was said originally, and can be dialed without a country code. But since the warning didn’t know that, it’s safe to assume it’s a hoax.

I’m not sure I’ve EVER come across an e-mail warning that wasn’t a fake. I usually file such things with chain letters that assure me failing to pass it on will destroy my love life for all time.

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Actually, I once actually got a page with an strange area code. I didn’t return it because I don’t return long distance pages. (I have a support pager and have no reason to get paged from outside our local area.) I mentioned it a few days later at work (when my support week was up and I was passing the pager off to my relief) and they forwarded me more or less the same e-mail quoted above. So, those pages do show up. This was about a year and a half ago. I don’t remember if it was an 809 area code or not, but it was definately a long distance number.

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I once got a fax from an 809 number that started with the following line:

“This is not a scam”.
I don’t what it was about since I didn’t read past that and besides I was laughing too hard.