Anyone know this math trick? Involves a grid with 16 squares.

At least I think it does.

My memory is really foggy, so bear with me.

It may be called a Magic Square (?). But Googling that has just given me some number puzzles. This is more of a magic trick.

You ask the spectator for a two-digit number. Upon hearing it, you quickly fill in all the squares, resulting in a grid full of numbers.

The exciting part is that each row of 4, when added up, add up to the spectator’s number.

Additionally, the 4 upper squares, the 4 center squares, the 4 columns…all add up to the spectator’s chosen number.

If anyone knows the trick, please share. Or a link would be great (I’m failing at Googling it).


That’s it!

Thanks, Waldo!