Anyone know what happened to (bassist) Jerry Peek?

After a long time away from my music collection I have started to look start listening again. I have been listening to my Steve Morse and Dregs albums and I started thinking, what happened to Jerry Peek? He was the bass player on the first Steve Morse Band record. You can see his great playing on this clip. Later he left the band and Steve started playing with another great player, Dave Larue. The only time I same him live Larue was with the band. Now I can’t find any mention of Jerry Peek. I’ve been through many pages of Google and only get mentions of his work with Morse. Anyone know what happened to him?

Registration with the U.S. Copyright Office:

Jerry L. Peek, born 18 February 1954, lives in Panama City, Florida.

Probably the right guy: Steve Morse was also born in 1954, and he formed his first bands while at the University of Miami.

From a 2001 newspaper story

You missed him in L.A. by a month.

Thanks Sam, it doesn’t look like Aura has an album deal.

Somebody should clue Jerry in on this newfangled internet thing. How about a website or MySpace page?

Jerry is in Atlanta played for PDQ (Pruett Davis Group)

I had the same question today here in Switzerland