anyone know what this song is?

i few years back i was going through my cousin’s old tapes and found a song that i thought was so neat but i have never been able to find what it is or who sings it…excuse my spelling but most of the words are more scat than anything…what i can remember goes (i think):

*coomilada coomilada coomilada fleesta
o no no no no fleesta
eenie meenie exameenie ooh wah koala meenie
eenie meenie exameenie ooh wah koo wah

each night when i’m laying in my own bed
i wake up in a cold sweat
next time i hear those little words
i’m gonna let out a scream like you never heard

(repeat coomilada part)*

theres more verses but i cant remember them…any helkp would be appreciated thanks

That’s Vista by Guadalcanal Diary off their album “Flip Flop”.

See Here for lyrics.

omg thanks sooo much :smiley: thats been buggin me for years lol

Weren’t we going to sticky that “How to identify a song via Google” thread?
Not that, in this case, I think it would have mattered…

It didn’t. I tried it. :smiley:

Krys, we sang the scat-type lyrics in Girl Scout Camp in central Florida back in the mid 60s. Maybe someone in Guadalcanal Diary was a Girl Scout . . .