Anyone know where I can still buy Daggerfall?

Sorry to exploit the board for such a silly request, but I can’t find anywhere to buy this game. Ebay has it, but it’s expensive to win an auction there and I’d prefer to buy it from a retailer.

Morrowind is too strong for my computer, so I thought I’d try this classic instead.

Checking my favorite abandonware site, which provides links to buy online if the game is still available anywhere, I see it directs me to contact Bethsoft directly.

Browsing through Bethsoft’s online store, it ain’t there.

But the abandonware site is very reliable when it comes to this …

So I’d give a crack (it’s either that or press@, and I doubt this is a public relations-type of question) and see what they have to say.

Or, come to PorkDope, and I’ll give you my old copy.

Mahaloth- Incidentally I asked this of the board about a month or so back. The general conclusion was “eBay.” Well, now I have Morrowind, so Daggerfall is nothing.

Check Wal-Mart. They sell repackaged old games for 10-12 bucks. Won’t have a manual, except as a PDF file, but I have seen it there.