Anyone know where in NYC to buy an iMac Mini with Boot Camp + XP on it?

My girlfriend is a PC user. She’s decided she wants a new iMac Mini because of the form factor (and that the specs are pretty decent for price + form factor). It’s only mildly likely that she’ll actually use OS X, she’s a Lotus 123 user and detests Excel.

Rather than chase down a copy of XP / Service Pack two and install Boot Camp then XP, is there somewhere in New York City (or, failing that, 800 number or website) where I can buy one already set up in that fashion?

There are a lot of companies that make mini PCs. and are two. Unfortunately looking at those sites it looks like they are a lot more expensive than Mac Minis. To be honest, it’s not that hard to install Windows on a Mini. See: here . The easiest solution is probably just going to be to do it yourself.

Just to be clear, is she interested in the iMac (all in one computer including LCD screen) or the Mac mini (small form factor computer that uses a separate monitor)?

I could’ve sworn that Apple billed that little sucker as the “iMac mini”. Did they change the name at some point?

Anyway, the mini.

I do, in fact, have a copy of the XP Pro installation CD. Problem is, I don’t know if it’s of sufficiently recent genesis to be SP2. Can’t use a pre SP2 CD to install using Boot Camp. Parallels is a lot less picky (heck, I could give her Windows for Workgroups 3.11) but at least for now I want her to have the option of booting straight into XP.

How can I tell from looking at the installation CD whether or not it has SP2 on it?

Looks like Tekserve might have what you’re looking for.

Have you thought about slipstreaming SP2 into your original XP install disc? This option could save you some expense at the cost of a little bit of work.

Hi, Hodge. Yeah, I came across the info on slipstreaming and am midway into the process. Right now stuck on how the heck to burn a bootable Windows CD when we only have MacOS cd-burning applications on hand. But someone pointed me to a free 7-day demo copy of Nero, which one way or another should result in a slipstream-install CD of XP Pro SP2.

::fingers crossed::