Anyone know who James Dark really was?

This is a bit esoteric, but I have found a 1965 spy thriler called THE BAMBOO BOMB. It features a smug 007 imitator called Mark Hood, and the book is credited to James Dark. On the inside page is a plug for the first Mark Hood book, COME DIE WITH ME.

Now, this is a Signet book, but the original copyright is to Horwitz Pulictions Inc. Pty. Ltd. of Sydney, Australia.

By this point, I have come to suspect that nearly every author`s name covers up another writer, especially a name like James Dark. Has anyone out there have any idea who the real author was? Or do any of our Australian brethren have any familiarty with this series? (It seems to be written in an Ian Fleming sort of pumped up journalistic style.) Any information would help.

At, search the out of print for a book called “Assignment Tokyo”

and you’ll get “Assignment Tokyo (Also released as: Operation Misssat.)
Dark, James ((Pseudonym of J. E. MacDonnell))”

It’s a ‘suspense thriller’ so my guess is that’s the same James Dark.

Thanks! I was struggling with Google and didnt realize that Barnes & Noble had an out of print listing. Now Ive learned two new things today (of course, Ive also probably forgotten three or four things as well, but thats another topic.)