Anyone make bagels?

I just made my first attempt tonight. This is the recipe I used, and this is the result!

While the dough was rising, I did some additional Internet research that led me to believe that the recipe I used was a bit unusual in that it did not call for barley malt, and did not call for an overnight proof in the fridge. Still, I’m very pleased with the results. I substituted bread flour for all-purpose, and added a tablespoon or two of honey to the wet ingredients. The little Whatsits were beyond pleased with the results, and I don’t think they were half-bad, either.

So, anyone else make your own bagels? Tips? Recipe pointers?

I make them using my bread machine, (for the dough) following this recipe. They are most excellent, and at least as good as those I can find locally.

A Thread of mine from a few years ago (includes the final, successful recipe)
Bagel Troubleshooting

Birdmonster later tries “my” recipe with a favorable report.

Oh wow, thanks, Hello Again. I did a search but for some reason it didn’t turn up that thread.