Anyone notice anything... odd about this candid Olympian photo (NUDES)

Yahoo has a feature on nude photos of some Olympians. They’re very tasteful and quite appealing.

However, this one looks a little… um,… well, maybe I’m just childish. What do you think?

Wel, I would be hoping for warm water, and not say icy :dubious::smiley:

Seriously, I don’t understand what you have in mind. Care to elaborate?

I followed the links to the whole series of photos - they really are quite well done. Some of the photos were beautiful.

I’m afraid I don’t know what the OP is getting at either. The only thing I can see that’s odd is the idea that anyone would think it was “candid.” This is what a candid picture of Anna Tunnicliffe looks like.

Yeah, you’re childish, but I thought the same thing.

charmstr, clairobscur, it looks like he’s holding a long black schlong. I guess it’s either plastic or necrotic.

Um…that’s a girl, innit?

Honestly? After Alicia Sacramone, none of these particularly impress me.

It’s a girl.

Several of the photos have too much post-processing for my taste. Photoshop is a wonderful tool for incompetent amateur photographers but it’s horribly abused by professionals.

And that photo of the diver is either cleaned up or the the man’s penis is less than a half inch long. Forget about shrinkage, there’s still hangage to deal with.

Well, if nothing else the photo doesn’t look real. Like someone said it really looks photoshopped. And for that matter it just doesn’t look “normal”. It’s kinda like seeing a naked firefighter or astronaut or such at work. Sure, there is nothing wrong with nudity but seeing people nude doing stuff that is almost never done nude still doesnt look right…even if it is something that could be done nude.

If you’re trying to imply that the tiller of her sailboat looks like a penis as suggested upthread, then yes. The adults are talking,.why don’t you go to your room and tell your l’il brother some more fart jokes. :rolleyes:

Why? Do you know any good ones?

I think you’ve got no sense of geometry or perspective. That rod originates halfway between the crotch and the knees.

Leni Riefenstahl

Olympia 1 - Fest der Völker
(Riefenstahl was one of the nude dancers)

Olympia 2 - Fest der Schönheit

You’ve obviously never seen a woman with a penis before.

It stands out a bit from the others, in a way. The others are all taken inside, carefully posed and lit. The one on the boat has that same artsy, careful technique, but looks as though it was taken outside. It’s that combination that strikes me as incongruous. Either there was a lack of privacy and the difficulty of getting such a composed shot in unpredictable conditions, or it was somehow faked in Photoshop. Either way, there’s something vaguely unnatural about it.

That is a hiking stick, which connects to the tip of the tiller (out of sight).

You can see the configuration better in this photo.

Another photo of the Olympic sailor, presumably from the same photo shoot.

I’m not up for a serious critique today, but I truly like the boat pic. Colorful, dynamic, would hang the calendar over my workbench, y’know? I haven’t been following the games so these people mean nothing to me. The volleyball trio photo stands out as being…tired. In every possible way: subjects, lighting, comp, story, I dunno. However, it fails if that is the artist’s intent, somehow, I really think s/he was going for something else. No idea what. Well…it almost seems like a shot taken right after the art director said “Hey, that last roll was kinda hot, Frank. Would ya knock it off, this ain’t Sports Illustrated.”

From my POV/canvas/medium (beat-to-hell laptop with the screen brightness turned way down to eke 2 hrs battery and fingerprints all over), the level of post-processing suits me fine. There were always eras and artists long before Adobe and its ilk who ran amok with the filters and the dodge and the Vaseline. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don’t, sometimes it’s fun anyway, and sometimes you just wanna tell em to go home.

I thought the OP meant that the guy was taking a dump overboard.