Anyone notice TV commercials having "deja-vu" glitching problems?

Has anyone else here with Comcast cable television service noticed that commercials (with increasing frequency) seem to be having a little “hiccup” when they begin? It is reminiscent to me of the deja-vu phenomenon from the first Matrix movie (I think they called it a “glitch”) when something would happen, then rewind and happen again. The commercial will play about half a second to one second, then stop and start again.

I certainly don’t mean to imply any fanatical suggestion that we are in fact living within the Matrix (I’m not okay in the head, but I’m not a conspiracy theorist, heh) … I was hoping that maybe this happens elsewhere and perhaps someone with maybe some insight into television broadcasting (or at least has a theory of their own) might know why these glitches seem to happen during commercials. I notice them more and more these days; I figured maybe they were being done to synchronize broadcast times by small increments so that shows and commercials have evenly-alloted time spaces and so that nothing runs too long or too short and gets cut off. ::shrug:: :confused:

I have Comcast out of Philly. This may be what it is… Often they’ll show about a second of a national commercial, then switch to a local commercial. Maybe they don’t have a local one to run…

I’ve seen some of that lately, ana, Comcast out of Atlanta here. No idea what it’s doing.