Anyone noticed a lack of pink this year?

I’m very happy that I haven’t seen a lot of pink this year. A couple of years ago, it had become a ridiculous overkill.

I’ve seen a couple of corporate logos on social media changed to pink, and pink lights on one building in the Chicago loop. A far contrast from a couple of years ago where it looked like everyone had vomited a Pepto Bismol and everything was pink. I do know the NFL backed off on Pink October a couple of years ago.
For those not in the know, it became popular to use pink to promote breast cancer awareness about 10 years ago. There was a backlash due to the politics of the Kokanee foundation and also how much of the pink money actually went to breast cancer.

Kokanee = Komen

Always good to check how much money goes to research and patient care, vs. into the pockets of the company. Also, check whether the company is only collecting donations, or whether they are providing any match or services.

Pinktober also tends to leave out men. 1 in 1000 get breast cancer, and it’s often diagnosed later and at a higher stage because it’s not seen as a possibility.

Stupid autocorrect, yes, I meant Komen.

My girlfriend got pink hair extensions today, at Ulta, for a fundraiser. So there is still some out there.

A local trash hauler has pink trash cans for awareness. This has got to stop!

Who knew there was so much hate for breast cancer awareness?

I just find plastering things pink annoying. It’s like saying, “WARNING!! WOMEN’S ISSUE!! TOXIC!! TOXIC!! FEMINAZIS IN AREA!! WARNING!!”

In my own case, it’s more of a dislike for the Komen Foundation and various studies showing that research in cancer, especially breast cancer, is overfunded relative to its prevalence and mortality rate compared to many other maladies.

That said, I don’t “hate” it or hassle anyone at the supermarket asking if I want to flip a few bucks, I just politely decline and go on my way.

I don’t hate it, but I think we are all “aware.” I hate feel-good consumerism that doesn’t actually contribute anything to research or resources for breast cancer, and I loathe all the coy booby-tata-second base-stuff the bra nonsense. /person who had breast cancer

There isn’t. I’m sure glad the awareness is there, that’s for sure. I’m healthy now because of it. However, all the pink things screamed to me, “We’re socially aware! Buy our stuff, even though very little of the money actually goes to the people you think it’s helping.”

I refuse to participate in Race for the Cure for this reason and others, although I’m certainly not going to tell other people that they shouldn’t do it.

I had to spend the month of my diagnosis last year looking at all that pink crap. Made me almost wish I had red/green colorblindness (extremely rare in women) so I couldn’t recognize it for what it was.

Well, I got an invite in the mail to an upcoming “Real Men Wear Pink” bourbon-tasting event at a Mexican restaurant.

Seeing that alcohol intake has been identified as a risk factor for breast cancer (and bourbon is not a common accompaniment to Mexican food) I think we’re seeing mixed messages here. :dubious:

On the other hand, one of my seedling Brugmansias just bloomed for the first time, in the palest shade of blush pink, and is very nice.