Anyone out there watching Copa America 2004? (soccer)

My basic cable package (free with internet) comes with Univision, so I get to watch Copa America “en vivo” from Peru!

I’ve seen some beautiful moves, a moderate amount of teamwork, and of course some spectacularly-acted dives (tip: don’t peek over your shoulder immediately afterwards with that smirk, trying to see if the ref is buying it.). I only have one year of Spanish, so sometimes I can’t quite figure out what the fouls are called for, but goooooool-gol-gol-gol-gooooooooool is easy. :smiley:

So! Is anyone out there tuning in too? (Come on guys, fess up that you’re watching it for the cameras zooming in on the women!) I’ve had to tune out a bit on occasion out of frustration over diving, but IMHO, it sure beats MLS!

Does Bucky show up in this one?

[Bucky Katt]( jberger/Bucky_Katt.gif)?

Bucky Dent?

[Bucky Balls]( MOBM/images/buckyball.gif)?

You lost me on this one.

Fixed %^&$% links.

Bucky Barnes

There’s almost zero attention for the Copa America here. Which is a shame, seeing as it can have some interesting matches. South American football can be quite physical, and is often more exciting to watch than European football.

Is there a website or antything? I wouldn’t mind keeping track a bit.

I’ve been checking out a few games. The Uruguay vs. Paraguay game was pretty exciting.

Brazil is looking pretty impressive with what’s essentially a B team. They absolutely demolished Mexico 4-0 in the semi-finals. And Adriano looks like he’s going to become a star.

I keep meaning to TiVo more games but I keep forgetting.

Coldfire, according to the sideline ads the website is

JThunder: oooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooh. A comic reference. I’m so unhip. <insert bum falling off, etc.>
Coldfire: Where’s here? I thought you were in Arizona, which should have a club or two showing the games, no?
Zoff: What did you think of the “foul” in the Brazil-Mexico match that got the PK for the first goal? Didn’t look like the goalie even touched him, to me.

I think I witnessed history – the first time a South American player fell down in the penalty area because he was actually fouled. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit.

I thought he really was fouled. It looked to me like the keeper had a bead on the ball and lunged for it right as the player tried to touch the ball around the goalie. By the time the goalie got there the ball was gone and he took out the guy’s legs.

I watched the Brazil-Mexico match with a couple of Brazilians, who were–shall we say–a little bit partisan. There was no doubt in their minds that it was a penalty, and I wasn’t about to disagree.

There did seem to be some contact, though.

I’ve watched a few of Brazil’s matches, even though they’re not fielding their first-team players. Adriano has been quite impressive, and I also liked Julio Cesar’s goalkeeping.

The final between Brazil and Argentina should be entertaining.

That was an entertaining final. There was a lot of attacking soccer, though neither team made the goalkeepers work much.

I left in the middle of the second half to fire up the grill and cook dinner. My son came down and told me that Argentina had scored in the 87th minute. So imagine my surprise when I came upstairs after dinner to see Brazil celebrating! Fortunately, I had TiVoed the game. Argentina must hate injury time.

I also thought the ref did a good job setting the tone early by waving off a couple of dives.

I was rooting for Brazil, but Argentina really deserved the win; they were the better team. Fun game to watch…except that it went straight to penalties. No overtime in the tournament? Lame.

Argentina dictated play most of the game. It has to be doubly bitter to lose to your rival’s B-Team.

I was pulling for Argentina. I’m a little sick of seeing Brazil win which simply perpetuates the Brazil worship.