Anyone own a Smart Car?

If so, have you ever taken in on an extended (300+ mile) trip? If not, would you? If so, how was it?

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Not in a smart car, but I’ve done a 750 mile trip in a small sports car. Small cars are not the best rides at high speeds for hours. Be prepared to be bounced around a bit.

Don’t own one, but I’ve used the car-sharing ones in Minneapolis a few times. No, I wouldn’t use one for a long trip. It’s a pretty rough ride.

Sometimes the internet is so weird. I owned one and did a Google Image search for epbrown+smart fortwo and got this - a really tiny picture of me at age 5. :dubious: Here’s the car.

Back on topic - it depends. The Smart’s top speed is 80-something mph, but at that speed the little 3-cylinder is screaming.. Perfectly fine for cruising along at 65 or so, though you’ll notice semis passing and wind gusts thanks to its upright profile and high center of gravity. I had one with the solid roof - the clear plastic version can get annoying on long trips, other Smart owners have said.

I owned a smart car for several years (my daughter has it now). She has taken several long trips (San Jose to/from Los Angeles). I wouldn’t recommend it for long trips on a regular basis. But once or twice is doable. It is electronically speed limited to 90 mph. I drove it on a regular basis at 80. I didn’t feel comfortable going more than 85. It’s sensitive to cross winds and you need to slow down in really windy weather. The ride can be rough on poor roads but okay ride on good roads. The A/C is barely adequate and I would not recommend this car if you live in an area that gets really hot in the summer. I was getting a steady, true 42 mpg on the freeway at 80 mph. Mileage drops to 36 mpg in city driving. It was a hoot to drive and I miss the car. I was seldom able to take advantage of its small size when parking but appreciated the maneuverability when driving in crowded parking lots.

It only gets slightly better mileage than small economy cars, so, unless urban parking is an issue for you (squeezing into half a space is where Smartcar really shines) I don’t see the attraction.

Where do you keep the key you use to wind it up? :smiley:

True, but in that environment it really, really shines. Parking in Chicago was never so care-free, outside of my motorcycles (which can ignore permit parking restrictions). I did all the Euro micro-cars - Smart Fortwo, Fiat 500 Sport, Mini Cooper S. Imo, the Fiat offers the best mix of convenience, fun, and style.

First off, my experience with the Smart has been limited to;

1; being a passenger in one for a short trip, thoroughly uncomfortable and unpleasant, the total lack of performance was underwhelming

2; watching the Lads at Top Gear make fun of it, and watching The Stig show it’s dismal handling around the Hammerhead corneron the Top Gear test track

3; driving a virtual one in Forza 4 on my Xbox 360, the handling and physics in the game is quite accurate, and the Smart is actually dangerous at fun speeds, enter a corner hot, lift off the throttle, and your rear tires want to become the front tires (lift off oversteer), I also recreated the Stig’s experience in the S42 in Forza 4

As a city car, at low speed, it’s okay, but on the highway, or driven for fun, not so much

We have a smart car that my husband primarily uses for commuting to work.

We have taken it on one long trip and I will never do it again. It’s not driving on highways that’s the issue, commuting in Toronto is mainly on highways and the car does fine.

It’s just much more exhausting due to the suspension, you feel every bump, there is a lot of road noise and the seats just aren’t as comfortable as my car.

I guess the short answer is it’s possible. The car is certainly capable but it’s not comfortable and if there is another option you should take it.