Anyone picking up the DSi today? Thoughts?

So the Nintendo DSi comes out today, and I find myself trying to stay away from any sort of game store, as I don’t need to drop $170 right now, even though I’ve always wanted to get a game system on its launch day, and I think I’m probably going to end up getting the DSi at some point anyway.
But while I’m trying to keep myself away from it, I’m curious. Has anyone picked it up yet? What do you think of the new features? Is there anything in the online store yet worth getting? Is the blue color as bizarre as it seems in pictures?

My daughter bought hers while she was in Tokyo a couple months ago. There, everyone uses their DSs for all kinds of things, not just games. She loves her DSi!

I’m waiting for DS2, (hope it can do everything DSi can incase I miss out. I bought DS ‘Phat’ and a DS Lite, so I think I’ve given Nintendo enough cash for DS hardware for now. Wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway.

I bought one today and Dragon Quest V to go with it. I like it so far. I really like that I can adjust the brightness level.

I’ll ask here too: is there a Best DS Games thread recently? I can’t search on DS.

I hit CostCo at about 3PM today for some shaving cream and they had a whole pallet of them out in the middle of the aisle. It looked completley untouched.

I picked it up in my quest to own one of every game console in existence, even though its only a marginal improvement over the DS Lite.

It’s… meh. There’s a lot of neat little built in apps, like being able to record your own voice and then play with it by adjusting pitch and speed. Fun for about two minutes, but anyone over 8 will get bored of it fast. You can also snap photos with the built in camera(s) and apply some simple filters, which was neat back when I discovered Photoshop 15 years ago. Again, if you’re not a little kid you’ll probably play with the camera app once and then never touch it again.

The bigger screens are nice, and it’s also lighter. It has a matte finish on it which won’t collect finger prints. The sound quality is much better.

However, they screwed around with the buttons. The gamepad doesn’t depress any more. Instead of wobbling, it makes a sharp click when you press on it. Good for smart phone-esque apps I suppose, but bad for action games. It’s incredible difficult to roll the pad smoothly with your thumb. The buttons also have significantly less give. The L and R buttons are much smaller.

The best feature is its ability to work with WP2 and download games from the online store to its internal memory. You can also play games from an SD card, so pirates rejoice.

Overall, if you have a DS Lite or even an original DS I wouldn’t upgrade. The cameras and my first Photoshop tools would probably be a blast for little kids and the technophobic, and it’d make a good gift. In all honesty, it’s a pretty weak showing from Nintendo after the success of the Wii.

I’ve heard from several people that when playing multiplayer games with this system it will take your picture when you lose a game and send it to the other person. Apparently this is a selling point, although this point alone is what is keeping me from even considering buying one. Is this true, or are my friends making stuff up?

I’m pretty sure your friends are screwing with you.

I honestly don’t see the point in it. The real term for what the DSI lacks is “Killer App”.

There is no Killer App with the DSI. No game that you have to buy a DSI for.

Original Gameboy had Tetris as a pack in.
Original DS had a Metroid ““game””" (if you can call it that) pack in
Wii had Wii Sports pack in – and Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess on Launch day.

What does the DSI have?

I might have seen ONE ad for ONE DSI game so far, but that has been it. And I do’t recall what game it was.
I do not see the point in the DSI, and I didn’t even buy a DS lite. I do belive I got my DS on launch day though.

Then again, when you just but an Ipod touch, it would seem to hands down beat the DSI out the gate.

Can someone please tell me WHY I need the DSI?