Anyone play EverQuest?

I know, I know, I’m like 3 years behind the times. But I picked up this game shortly after finally getting a decent Internet connection from my house, and I’m hooked.

Mr. Athena is busy this weekend. As a result, I plan on stocking up on some iron rations and water, and hunkerin’ down with da game for the majority of the weekend. I hear that playing in a group is more fun than playing alone. Any dopers wanna go on a hunting spree this weekend?

I have a 52 warrior on the Ayonae ro server, if you got any questions just let me know. And yes grouping is alot more fun than playing by yourself, a good thing too since its pretty much required that you group after a few levels.

I used to play one of these MMORPG’s ( Ultima online ).
For a good year and a half i was hooked on this game, adn spent all my time not in school playing the game. i thought it was great. me and what… * counts on fingers *6 of my friends played it, so i wasnt being anti-social par-se. none of us were. We talked to each other in-game all the time. adn it was age.
However. Just under a year into outr playing i started to notice that i want having as much fun as i used to, and that now i had to, rahter than wanted to, play the game whenever i could.
Me and my Uo-Mates didnt go out as much as we used to, adn onyly went out when there was a strong reason for going out, and a couple of them got quite obsessive.
It was then that i Quit. Cold turkey. Uninstalled the game, threw the Cd’s out ( i had 2 accounts taht cost me £10 ( i was hooked, multiple accounts the works!)).
and i stopped thinking about it.
I didnt miss it.
I loved the free time i had gained from not playing anymmore, and my general quality of life improved.

Anyway. that was a year ago, adn now i am having some of the best days of my life. All but 2 ( maybe 3) of my friends have now quit the game, adn we all feel great for escaping it, feel we wasted a year, and we are loving the free time it has given us.
These games are seriousely addictive adn will mess up your perception of everything!

Anyway, i dont think i would appreciate how addictive these games are unless i truly had been adicted, which i had been. And i would like to pass on the warning.
I wasted an entire year of my social life just to get a couple of houses in a silly computer game.
Waas surpassed by new playyers who knew all the best ways to get better.
And i think i knackered my eyes playing the game into the wee hours ( if not all of the hours) in the day(there was a running joke about margarine in your eyeballs, cofee on an IV and duct-tape on your eyelids. adn i pretty much followed oit to the letter!)

Get out before you start! these games are terrible!

  • Gullian dies a long time ago, i had forgotten about her until this day; Mohab, Deria, Hailon, Jasmine, JaDzIa, Costa, Aeris, Toffy, we feel your pain!*

This goes out to all those who escaped the game with their lives intact, to those who didnt, adn to all the friends that put up with us while we were hooked!

What do ya know, I play also :slight_smile:

I’ve played since week 1. First started on Solusek Ro then moved to Ayonae Ro. Currently have a 55 Wizard, 52 Warrior, 51 Druid, and 35 Monk.

I have also quit the game twice. Yes I am weak.

I can of course answer any questions about the game you might have :slight_smile:

I am unfortunatly not available this weekend for a hunting spree but good luck, and grouping IS more fun :smiley:

Oh yeah, some other people who play EQ:

-piano guy in the Greg Almman band.
-Gene Simmons of KISS.
-Brad Pitt.
-Cobie Jones.
-the older kid that was on Party of 5.
-Simon LeBon of Duran Duran.
-Cher’s son.
-Ethan Hawke
-Doug Glanville
-Curt Schilling

I dont know if they are available for help or grouping though :smiley:

Mrs. RickJay and I just started all over again on Seventh Hammer to join a friend’s guild. Come say hi to “Wrik” or “Chairn.”

Oh, and if you want to group with Curt Schilling of the Arizona Diamondbacks, his name is “Scythehands” and he’s on the Povar server. Says he plays most every night.

I run a site for EQ:

My main character is Opalecia on The Rathe… lvl 30 HIE mage.

I mainly play on Saryrn where I have a 46th level cleric and some other charecters I am not serious about (dosen’t count til 30!). We have a Friday night group of RL friends who are now scattered. It meets on Bertoxx. There I have a 22nd level cleric (I like clerics, ok? Everyone wants to be my best friend).

I am sick of waiting for Neverwinter Nights, so my current plan is to use gamevoice and the /random sysystem to allow a bunch of people who haven’t had a chance to play D&D together in 5 years a chance to do some serious 'venturian together. We will be the ones sitting in a circle in /ec with alot of red random messages around us.

I love the Doug Glanville EQ article.

Augh! Everquest is evil. It consumes souls.

Did someone say “Evercrack”? I’ve lost 5 friends to it on the last year.

my most recently played characters,

Baltin: Gnome enchanter on Ayonae Ro
Draaz: Iksar warrior on Ayonae Ro
Toli: half Elf ranger on Morell-Thule
Drazils: Iksar warrior on Morell-Thule
Tvarin: half Elf warrior on test
Efutoo: Dark Elf Necro on test

if ya play happen to be playin on one of these servers, send a tell!


I play. I have a 48 shadow knight on Lanys. She has been rocking. I want to get to 50 to finish my last quest spell. I have been fairly bored playing lately and usually just get on to talk with online friends. I will be going to Dark Ages of Camelot as soon as it goes live.


Either I’m gonna get whooshed bigtime or you posted the wrong url. That link goes to some boring ole baseball article.

Read the whole article, it talks about him getting revenge on another player for getting his EQ character killed :wink: