Anyone playing Champions or DC Universe Online?

I jumped all over Champions and DCU Online when they first came out, even though I was still devoted to my first love, City of Heroes. After all, the more the merrier when it comes to superhero games, right? Yeah…not so much. I found them both user-unfriendly, unintuitive, needlessly complicated, and generally inaccessible.

Since the demise of CoH, I’ve maintained my subscriptions to both CO and DCUO, and have periodically tried to get into them, to no avail. There’s a lot I don’t understand about them, and teaming seems all but nonexistent. I miss the social aspect of CoH, and CECIL in particular. Are there any old CECIL-ites who have found a home in CO or DCU and are willing to show a clueless newbie the ropes?

I’ve messed with CO. It’s okay, like a kiddy version of CoH.

I prefer to roam the ghost streets of Paragon City using the Icon app. But I always just end up crying. Jesus, what a stupid waste.

Yeah, I’ve done that too…feels like a fist squeezing my heart.

I bought a lifetime member ship in CO way back in Beta. I still play the game quite regularly, but it’s primarily to play around with different power combinations and costume ideas. The game has gone onto a weird sort of life support- there’s only a small team supporting it, and they are looking for the easiest, cheapest ways to keep the game going. As a result, content upgrades other than minor instanced fights are really unlikely.

It just pisses me off that they completely blew their chance. If your primary competition, the game which pretty much set the standard for the genre, suddenly goes out of business, what do you do? If you’re Perfect World, you pretty much ignore the sudden influx of players- after all, why would you want to spend any money?

CO could’ve been so good- no other game has had the same level of character customization.

DCUO, on the other hand… I’ve played it a good bit. But really, once you get to the max level (which can be easily done in two weeks), you’re pretty much done with the game unless you want to grind their end-level content over and over. It’s certainly a very pretty game, and all of their movement powers are a lot of fun… but within ten days you’ve seen damn near everything the game has to offer.

Superhero is my favorite MMO genre. I keep hoping that we’ll get a decent replacement for CoX.

Well, if you’d care to hook up with me in-game and provide some guidance, I’d be most appreciative.