Anyone playing Doom III?

Well, my World of Warcraft thread died, so, is anyone playing Doom III? If so, what do you think? So far the game has been fun…and its scared the hell out of me several times. :slight_smile:

So, if anyone is interested in it, lets discuss. Spoilers welcome. I’m currently in the Alpha Labs section trying to get to the cut off Marine detachment somewhere ahead.

-XT jr

There was a thread going on this a few days back. After finishing the game, I played the “Delta Labs” through the conclusion using the varilight 1.1 Mod. It gives you a variable light on the pistol, shotgun, and machine gun, improving the game experience significantly IMO. I still feel the game play was uninspired, but with that Mod at least you can appreciate the level design.

I have been playing it a little, but my Geforce 4 Ti 4600 decided to die on the day I bought Doom 3, and the Geforce 4 MX I have as a backup simply doesn’t do the game justice. I will wait until I can get enough cash to get a good video card (probably a Geforce 6800) to finish the game.

Word of warning about the 6800 series: Those cards have serious power requirements. At least in the case of some models, you have to plug two internal power cables into one card, and nVidia recommends that your PC have at least a 450 Watt power supply. Oh – and needless to say, you’d better not put that card right next to another card, because it dissipates a lot of heat.

I started playing Doom 3 in Nightmare mode yesterday, and I’ve discovered a very very dark-and-disturbing game-secret:

If you shoot 5 civilians in the beginning before the demons arrive, while they’re still normal people that you as a Marine are sworn to protect, you’ll get a Soul Cube.

(I misread that as “a hot heat” and wondered what other kind of heat is there?)

I got the game the other day and played it for a while that day. Haven’t played it since but I was impressed. I just haven’t had the time. And on mine there’s a slight input delay.

Thankfully I have a 450 Watt Antec Power Supply. :slight_smile: Never scimp out on your power supply people. And I think only the $500 6800 Ultra model needs two power connectors; the $300 6800 regular only needs one, just like every other high-end video card since the Radeon 9700 Pro. Though I am holding off on getting a 6800; I managed to get a hold of a Geforce 5900 for only $120 on ebay, which should hold me for a while; I will wait for the nForce4 chipset to come out, and build an entire new system with PCI-Express stuff & an Athlon 64 in a couple months.