Anyone playing The Universim?

I searched and the only reference to it that I could find was a thread on upcoming games in 2016. I just got it off the Steam sale last week, and it’s been fun so far. Still alpha, but brings back memories of the original Populous from Bullfrog.

I looked long and hard at that but didn’t purchase it. I wanted to wait and see more reviews; I figured there’ll be enough to make a reasonable assessment of the game by the time the Winter Sale starts. Very glad to be able to converse with someone who is playing the game tho, so good on you for being the risk-taker on this one.

Thanks, I’m enjoying it so far, but it needs a better method to keep track of what needs to be done with buildings and such. Sometimes they put a flag in front of the building, but especially after you’ve been playing a while, there’s so much stuff on screen those are hard to see. The building list works for some things, but again it’s not an answer.

Populous was one of my favorite games back in the day and I’m very interested in this.