Anyone read Ed Zotti's "The Barn House" - If so, what did you think of it?

Anyone here read “The Barn House: Confessions of an Urban Rehabber”. Did you like it? Recommended buy or not?

No one?

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I read it, enjoyed it thoroughly, and have recommended it to a few people.


I read it (of course, I got an autographed free copy…) but after reading it I would have bought it.

The Barn House is very interesting from a few different angles. First and foremost, you get to know an awful lot about Ed Zotti and the type of person that he is, and I mean that in a positive light. He reminds me of myself in one manner, in that when faced with a seemingly intractable obstacle - spending years and hundreds of thousands of dollars and untold thousands of man-hours to fix up a house - he keeps at it and keeps at it and doggedly pursues it until it’s done. He even spent time sifting his yard - the soil - for debris, just to make sure the job was really done. The book is also a bit personal; there’s a couple of things I’m surprised that he put in there.

The Barn House also is about an enormous amount of DIY home rehabilitation. Anyone who has tackled a huge DIY task and got in over their heads will identify with the part where Ed is trying to assemble pipes through innumerable joists, soldering them piece-by-piece. Or dealing with the home inspectors, recalcitrant contractors, and last-minute changes.

The Barn House also contains a moderate amount of Chicago history, and probably folks in Chicago will appreciate this.

It was an easy read overall - I took it on an overseas business trip and read half the book on the flight out.

If I had a criticism, it would be that the wrap-up at the end of the book seems a little rushed - it seems the house progress goes from 75% to 95% complete very suddenly - but that may have been due to length considerations.

I read it and found it to be very entertaining and enjoyable. Pretty light and easy reading. I do think that living in the Chicago area and having a little background in construction helped me enjoy it more than someone from Phoenix who also never encountered lien waivers or called to get crane rental pricing.

I’ve read about 2/3 of my autographed copy. Not bad stuff. He writes well, for an editor. :slight_smile:

It’s a pretty good read, as others have recommended.

Clarification: I did read the whole book, of course, I was stating that it was so easy I could read half of it on one long 10-hour flight.

Are you kidding right now? The Barn House is almost as popular as " Straight Dope Chicago"
Blockbuster is a word that comes to mind.

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