Anyone Reading Elizabeth Kostova's 'The Historian?'

The novel is being promoted as this summer’s Big Read ("This year’s ‘Da Vinci Code!’), and I’m about 150 pages into it…but I gotta ask someone: does it get better? I mean, the writing is literate (much unlike Dan Brown’s bestseller), the premise is intriguing, but it’s awfully wordy! Endless descriptions of lunches and teas and scenery…where is Dracula, damn it!

Sorry. Just venting. I’ll definitely stick with it…I’d just like to hear from others who have read it. By the way, the reviews for this thing have been phenomenal!

I dropped it after about 400 pages and skimmed the rest.

The kicker was when Kostova used amnesia (induced by liquor) to explain why a character totally forgot about the woman he’d fallen in love with. He remembered everything else though. :rolleyes:

Don’t read the reviews at Amazon – some of them are loaded with spoilers.