Anyone recently purchase a Dell computer online?

My friend recently purchased a new Dell from their website. While clicking through all the agreements and filling in all sorts of “bubbles” one of them came as a shock to us. One of the final questions before checkout was…

“‘Will the product(s) be used in connection with weapons of mass destruction, ie nuclear applications, missile technology, or chemical or biological weapons programs?’ Yes or No”

My question is, what happens if your stupid enough to click ‘Yes’? Does anyone out there know? Thanks in advance!

Well, you didn’t call them to ask, right?, but I assume they wouldn’t let you have the computer…

I bet the lawyers made them put this in

If you selected “Yes” and they thought you meant it, they’d probably forward your name, address and billing information to assorted public safety organizations.
If you selected “Yes” and they DIDN’T forward this information, they’d be setting themselves up for one hell of a liability lawsuit if it turns out that rayray5884 is in fact the next Timothy McVeigh, in need of something to run BomboCAD 11 on.
But since most of the people who click “Yes” probably do so because they’re tired, not paying attention, or whatever, I don’t know.
Hmmmm. And if it’s shipping to a US government address through a GSA contract, do you think they’d care?