Anyone remember Leather Goddesses of Phobos?

Chatting with some friends last night, were recalling some of our favorite games from the eighties, and Leather Goddesses of Phobos came up. Anyone remember that one? More importantly, is it available anywhere? I did some Google searching but all I found were references in old articles. Naturally, I turn now to the Teeming Millions.

Yep, it sure is available! One place you can get it:

Search on “Infocom” on that page, and you’ll be taken directly to a package containing nearly all of their games for $15.

You may also be interested in this recent thread:

I have the old text-based version, which still runs under MacOS 9, and I still can’t get anywhere impressive with it, despite some useful and interesting tips that were tossed my way. OTOH, I never got the hang of the Uninvited either, or Deja Vu for that matter. There comes a time when one must admit where one’s talents do not lie.

Email me when you get stuck. I’ll try to help. You DID use the toilet, right? Oh, and the door isn’t locked. Just wander out into the hallway, and pay attention to the signs.

Mna, if there is one thing I love it’s text adventures…
I sure do remmber that one. I spent many many hours trying to figure out what the hell to do during the 80’s …
I remember going down the martian canal in a boat of some sort, which lead through some radioation beam which killed you (?)
Actually, a lot in that game killed you, but I liked the humour in the game.

Now I have to find it and download it. Great, as if I don’t have enough to waste my time on. :wink:

The only computer game I know of that has scratch and sniff.
For adults put it into verbose mode and the x rated text. Get it on.

It was also the only game in history (at least I hope so) where you got to do the nasty with a gorilla.

My two Infocom favourites were Trinity and Bureaucracy, although I’d have to say that Nord and Burt Couldn’t Make Head or Tail of It tickled my fancy.

Outstanding! Thanks, Cabbage, for the link. I think my Christmas shopping is done early this year.

I have this game on my laptop. :smiley: Not the retail game, just a z-code file and the Frotz and Rezrov interpreters.

Now I have to play it again because of you people. Does anybody have a graphic of the catacomb map? I could never get past the sultan’s palace because of that.

Arken said:

I am STILL bitter about Bureaucracy. Never got more than 3 points, always wanted to shoot the computer. Was there any way in the world to do harm to the nerd who keeps asking you out???

I remember that game! :smiley:

Heh. Guess I’m not the only one who realized the true potential of laptops as potential IF gaming platforms. :slight_smile:

Spent a lot of time playing Nord and Bert over the weekend.

No, I don’t. However, there is a command (I think “$CATACOMB” without the quotes) which puts you to the end of it.

Doing it the real way is nearly impossible.

Aw, but the real way is so much more fun! Here’s the way through the catacombs, snipped from this LGOP walkthrough:

That walkthrough is the complete solution to the game, and can help all you stuck folks.

Ah, text adventures. In a bout of synchronicity, I ordered the complete bundle from that link several days ago, looking forward to receiving it.

I rushed to:

only to get an out of stock message on the Infocom package. Anyone find it elsewhere?

That sucks, Synergist, they must have just ran out in the past few weeks.

I know you can find it on Ebay, but it’ll be somewhat more expensive (how much, I really don’t know). There are quite a few different Infocom packages out there now (Adventure series, Mystery series, Sci-Fi series,…), make sure you look for the one that has over 30 Infocom games, plus six Interactive Fiction winners. (Assuming, of course, that’s the particular one you’re looking for; the games included in this package are listed in the thread I mentioned before: ).

I found it on, but that site has since been shut down. You might check other abandonware sites.

Try a web search for WinFrotz. It’s a z-Machine interpreter written for Windows that will play all those old InfoCom text games like Zork, PlanetFall, etc. Zorks 1-3 have been released into the public domain by Activision and you can find most of the data file for the other games online if you look hard enough. :wink: