Anyone remember this Dungeons and Dragons supplement book (items catalogue)?

Around '93 or so, my friend had a cool D&D supplemental book that was laid out almost like a D&D Sears Catalog or something like that - it was set up as an inventory of a bunch of items and weapons and stuff being sold out of this store. There were also greater items, including some Da Vinci-esque creations for walking on water and a diving bubble and so on.

Anyone remember what this was? I feel like it was named after the “store” or proprietor or something like that. It was smaller, paperback-sized, rather than the size of a normal D&D supplement book.

Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalogue.

Thanks! That’s it!

I loved this book when I was kid! I never played D&D, but I read the catalogue cover to cover many times.

I had that. It resulted in my wizard character owning a wagon with a tun of fine ale that he took with him everywhere. That ale ended up solving a lot more problems than his spells did.

Great book. It actually had a backpack that made sense (a pack frame which lowered the encumbrance level of what you put in the pack). You were still carrying just as much weight, but you could maneuver a bit easier.