Anyone remember this Star Wars comic?

I remember an old Star Wars comic. The story concerned a contagious disease that caused catatonia accompanied by reddening of first the eyes, and then the entire body, followed by death. It turns out that the cause of the disease is the theft of two gems from a temple, and the cure is to return them. This is found out through a story told by Chewbacca about how he and Han were shanghaied into helping some villains steal those gems. That time, the theft was stopped by a gigantic ape-creature guarding the temple, which killed the bad guys but stopped short of killing Han and Chewie as it saw the latter as its baby.

Does anyone else remember this story? What was its name?

I think I remember it. Didn’t each house in the alien city have a little alcove that held a small pile of these gems?

No, that doesn’t sound right at all. There were only two gems total, and they were kept on pedestals in the temple.